Granola Bars With Holiday Flavor

[Editor's Note: Granola bars are a great snack for the whole family, but what I like about this recipe is that these are loaded with seasonal flavor. They're perfect for a casual afternoon, or as an addition to a holiday dessert tray. --Genie] ...more

Intense Chocolate Tart With A Gingersnap Crust

[Editor's Note: This chocolate and ginger tart is a delicious option for a Christmas Eve or Day dinner, or for a party closer to New Year's Eve. Your guests won't be able to resist that rich flavor! --Genie] ...more
I really need to learn how to cook.more

Triple Chocolate Sugar Cookies

I adore sugar cookies. I love how they keep their shape and you can make anything you want out of them....more

Christmas Cookies: Chocolate oatmeal cookie

I first want to wish all Edible Times and BlogHer friends a Merry Christmas!   In light of my recent AWOL status (short version = cross-country move plus a new job), I’d like to share a recipe that I truly believe will knock your Christmas stockings off....more

Meyer Lemon Madeleines

The first time I had a madeleine, it was at a coffee shop. I fell in love immediately. It's a spongy, cake-like cookie that you can dip in coffee or just eat them with a dusting of powdered sugar. I have been dying to make these forever! ...more

Christmas time cupcake! ...more
Oh those are cute!more

Not Cat Cora’s Oven-Roasted Christmas Crab Recipe

Sometimes, some of our most memorable and best tasting dishes are fashioned from mind-blowing inspirations, such as watching the talents of great chefs, like Cat Cora. But you must also have heart for cooking. Imagination is required, and, (Julia Child had it right and said it best), “the courage of your convictions.”...more  @isthisthemiddle Love the Title!  Thank you!  I am going to have to see ...more

Mini Vegan Meatloaves

We have family coming for Christmas, and of course I want to make a feast they'll remember - in a good way. These fine folks are all omnis on their own time, and they know they'll be fed vegan-style here. I don't know if they're dreading it in any way. I hope not. But my plan is to absolutely wow them with everything I cook. I decided to test two recipes last night, for sort of a preview feast. I actually considered making both of these for our Christmas dinner, but quickly realized I'd better narrow it down to one. The question was, which one?...more

To Eggnog or to Eggnog...Homemade vs. Pre-made

I am not a sweet drink lover, but always look forward to eggnog at Christmastime.  Below you will find a medley of eggnog recipes from Martha, to a fancy Home based Mixologist, to my Aunt Debbie and her Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream Eggnog.  Please enjoy some eggnog admiring!  Martha Stewart Traditional Eggnog Recipe...more

12 Christmas Menu Ideas for Kids

Holiday season is already here. Surely, everybody is busy decorating the house with colorful decors and shopping things for Christmas. Some are searching for sumptuous dishes to prepare for Christmas dinner. When talking about food, indeed, there are plenty of holiday menus to decide on. But the challenging part is finding recipes that will appeal to the younger ones....more
3 savory and NINE sweets? Seriously?? Of course kids love sugar!! Would appreciate more ...more