Honey Herbed Rose Petal Jelly Fried Chicken

Roses are so good for you and they add a delicate, floral flavor to a variety of dishes. The elegance of rose petals strewn on the plate – or the table – adds a touch of romance – and what better way to carry the theme than to serve a meal that smells and tastes like roses....more

Mini Baked Alaskas, #Chocolate Party

 As a child didn’t the adults in your life ask, “What do you want to be and do when you’re a grownup?”How did you reply? I dreamed of being a royal princess. Whenever the ever-so genteel Crown Princess Michiko (now the Empress of Japan) appeared on television, my heart ached to embody such grace and enjoy such luxury. The yearning was exacerbated the day I was served Baked Alaska at the Imperial Hotel…Read more at NinjaBaking.com...more

Sugar-free Frozen “Boo”nana Pops

It’s rare that I come across a recipe that I want to make SO badly that I literally run down to the kitchen to prepare it on the spot.The last time it happened was when I’d found Averie’s Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes. Just a couple of substitutions and it quickly morphed into what is now one of my favorite recipes on the blog, 5 minute quinoa flake bakes!...more
I still have to make these but every time I see the photos, I get a craving for naners :) So ...more

A Celebration of Two Nations: Canada Day & 4th of July

As a Canadian who just recently moved to the USA, this year has been full of changes for me.  Though most of them have been personal changes and adjustments - at this time of year, I am feeling particularly nostalgic for my homeland.  As Canada Day approaches, I'm reflecting about what it means to be Canadian.  ...more

Raw Fruit Cake

Potato-moong dhal stew

As most of us know,rice and dhal are staples of South India and we eat this almost daily.That too in a home with growing toddler the importance of dhal and ghee is really high.This is when different recipes for preparing dhal come in handy. Though very healthy we cannot deny the fact eating the same dhal as sambar or with simple tadka again and again can turn out to be boring.But thank goodness that in our Indian cuisine there are so many many versatile methods and recipes using the same ingredients which make the entire dish taste completely different....more

Newlywed Gift Idea: A Fabulous Dinner Out

I've given restaurant gift certificates as wedding gifts in the past myself—I especially consider them to be a great option for couples who have already established their households and don't really need any more "stuff" cluttering their lives. It's also fun to introduce my newly married friends to some of my favorite places, many of which they might not have ever thought to try. But I'll admit, it never occurred to me that we might receive some as gifts ourselves!...more
Great ideamore

Taqueria Style Guacamole

I want to wax poetic about this guacamole, but, well, my brain is beach mush. So please believe me when I say it is outstanding. It is a smooth guacamole, blitzed in the blender, and had more tomatillos in it than avocados, so you can count on it being quite tangy. It was the perfect complement to carnitas–stay tuned for the recipe. - See more at: http://thespicedlife.com/2013/06/taqueria-style-guacamole-with-tomatillos.html#more-8597 ...more

Vacation Ideas

Travel Ideas is a common topic around this time of the year.  Many people have or will be planning their summer vacations.  Many are looking for deals on travel so that they can save money.  I would like to share with you a couple of travel ideas....more