Pajama Program: Helping Deliver 1 Million Goodnights!

I chose to ask our friends and family bring pajamas and a book to donate to the Pajama Program in lieu of presents for Liam's first birthday party. With the help of our family and friends, we collected 37 pairs of pajamas and 24 books!...more

Why I decided not to have a bridal party

Let me first start this post off with saying that I am not anti-bridal party, nor am I anti-traditional-wedding. I have had the great pleasure of being in a fair share of bridal parties for some of my best friends. It was wonderful to be there with them on their special day, to stand next to them during the nerves, the tears, the joy, the excitement. I think that being a member of a bridal part can be a great experience, but much of it lies largely on the type of bride....more


I'm lucky if I can get through one pancake on a good day, but if you are a fan, stop by IHOP on March 3 from 7am - 10pm to get your FREE stack of Buttermilk Pancakes on National Pancake DayHugs... ...more

Chicago Happenings

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am a little bitter Sunday is already here....more

No fail buttercream icing.


Mardi Gras Whisky Bar & Printables

Happy Mardi Gras, ya'll!! Today is a day full of gumbo, hurricanes, crawfish and beads and I hope you're celebrating happily at home or on the town tonight. If you're getting people together to spend Mardi Gras at your place, consider keeping the south alive with traditional Southern whisky....more

Rolled Dumplings (굴림 만두, Gullim Mandoo)

Happy New Year once again!...more


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Hope everyone had a great one!We don’t really do V-day gifts but Ryan got me these adorable slippers. Love the Christmas colors. He is always mad when I wear his so this gift benefits him as well....more

Mexican Lasagna

Mexican Lasagna. Or should I call it Mexican Lasaña? I didn’t know what to call this layered casserole of meat, cheese, tomato sauce, and corn tortillas. And then I realized it was kind of like a lasagna, but with delicious Mexican flavors....more