Irish Soda Bread

    Soda bread gets its name from the leavening agent used for this quick bread.    From its humble beginnings before the 1800s and after being adopted by the Irish not by choice but necessity.  In those days the bread was cooked in a Dutch oven or on a griddle over open fire with just flour, salt, baking soda and sour milk....more

Easy and Delicious Boys Birthday Cake

Make this delicious and easy birthday cake, simply by layering different sized cakes, covering with icing and then using oreo crumbs to look like dirt!!  Add small construction vehicles and signs and you have the easiest, best tasting cake that won't cost you what you would pay at a bakery. And the kids will love it!!!...more

FF - I heart Irish Brown Bread

As I mentioned in the previous Fandom Friday, I've been on a quest to find easy, no-to-low yeast bread recipes. In the no-yeast category, I found a couple of Irish Soda Bread recipes that were close, but not quite, to what I wanted (yeah, me, the inexperienced baker, critiquing recipes - I'm such a brat!). My solution was to merge them together and create my own....more

Homemade Chicago-Style Pan Pizza

Homemade Chicago-Style Deep Dish PizzaPosted on March 9, 2015 by ErinEvery now and then life calls for a bit of indulgence. For the Gregory household, that was tonight....more

Cajun Shrimp and Vegetables Pasta

About a month ago I saw a tweet on my twitter feed about a blogger recipe challenge by Healthy Solutions Spice Blends....more

The Ultimate Indulgence Breakfast: Banana Bread French Toast

That moment when you wake up and realize that your husband has been at work for almost 24 hours and you can't thank him enough for all that he does. At that moment, you make him THIS. ...more
This sounds absolutely sinful!! What a great way to say thank you! I definitely think my husband ...more

Maple Harbour International Women's Day

Maple Harbour is proud to announce a special event inspired by International Women’s Day, by turning it into International Women’s Day Weekend! Honoring women and the special ladies in our lives all weekend long!This week get a free 200$ worth SPA Treatment with each purchase. More details :

Baked Meatballs in Creamy Sauce

Okay, wait, did I just say oven? I really meant freezer. I have a turkey in the freezer and It was a typo. I can wait, i think and erm…despite the fact that I am having these frequent hallucinations that I can actually see and smell the turkey baking away in the oven. I almost made a cranberry sauce to go with it, a couple of hours ago....more

Pajama Program: Helping Deliver 1 Million Goodnights!

I chose to ask our friends and family bring pajamas and a book to donate to the Pajama Program in lieu of presents for Liam's first birthday party. With the help of our family and friends, we collected 37 pairs of pajamas and 24 books!...more