2015 Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List

 When you’re gluten-free, sometimes the holiday festivities can be a bit less-than-festive since we often find ourselves spending a great deal of time worrying about what is, and what is not, safe to eat while we’d rather just be enjoying the festivities like everyone else....more

Here Come the Holidays - Now Chill Out!

Here Come the Holidays – Now CHILL OUT!October 5, 2015It happens every year.  The holidays sneak up on us far too early and we find ourselves stressed out on October 1st.  Is it our fault that most of the large department stores have had their Christmas and Hanukkah stuff out since the end of August?  Do we have anything to do with the fact that most radio stations are playing their holiday play lists the day before Halloween?  The stretched out holiday cheer can make some of us downright grumpy so I have come up with a list of some great ways to keep the stress at bay and help you to focus on the reason for the season – for you!...more

Jack-O-Lantern Rice Krispies Treat

For a fun way to celebrate Halloween why not make a Jack-O-Lantern edition of Rice Krispies treats. Sure to please kids of all ages. Quick and easy to do! Recipe and how to at http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/10/03/so-sweet-saturday-jack-o-lanter...  ...more

Fresh Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

What makes it feel more like fall than making pumpkin (or pumpkin spiced) everything!?A few weeks ago, my husband and I were going over to a friends house for dinner and I asked her what kind of cookies I should bring. (If you haven't noticed yet, cookies are my favorite thing to bake) With it being officially fall, she chose Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! I was so happy that she chose that because I had been wanting to make something with pumpkin!...more

5 Must-Try Pumpkin Recipes For Fall

As September starts to bow out gracefully to make room for the start of October, the cooling temperatures here in the Carolinas have me thinking about apples, pumpkin and all of those classic fall flavors. A week or two ago, we published some of our favorite pumpkin recipes on the blog, and I’ve been anxious to get in the kitchen and start some fall baking ever since. ...more

Let them eat cake


Frosted Banana Bars

Rich and creamy chocolate frosting slathered over densely flavored banana bars. Can you say yum?  It was love at first bite for me with these moist decadent bars. A banana lovers dream! Recipe at http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/09/24/frosted-banana-bars/ ...more

Microwavable Claypot Rice Without The Claypot

A dish cooked in a claypot should be served only if it can be served piping hot.Given a desperate lack of time spent at home, I’ve decided to take the easy way out, thence the ‘microwavable claypot rice’....more

Easy Cheap Costume Ideas | Slacker Mom’s Guide to Halloween

Step away from Pinterest. Don’t even look at your Instagram. Slacker Mom is here with easy cheap costume ideas for kids or adults....more