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Mother’s Day Brunch: 5 Complete Menu Ideas

Editor’s note: There’s still time to plan a delicious Mother’s Day brunch from the loved ones in your family. Robyn from Add a Pinch shares five complete menu ideas for every type of celebration, from a Southern feast to a quick-fix pancake breakfast. There’s even a gluten-free menu, which includes salmon eggs Benedict. --Jane ...more

Bunny Ear Cakes Perfect for the Easter Table

Editor’s note: How cute would these Lemon Curd-Filled Bunny Ear Cakes be on the Easter table? Paula from Half Baked based these spring-like treats on a recipe from Nigella Lawson for butterfly cakes. Pipe the delicate cakes full of vibrant lemon curd and you’ll have a dessert that tastes as good as it looks. --Jane ...more

Apricot-Glazed Easter Ham and Biscuits: So Delicious Your Jeans Won't Fit After Dinner

Editor’s note: Heather from Heather Christo Cooks gussies up the ubiquitous spiral-cut Easter ham with a delicious apricot glaze that’s spiked with Dijon mustard and horseradish. Then, Heather, because she’s fabulous like that, effortlessly whips up a batch of biscuits while the ham is baking; I would probably just buy a dozen from my favorite bakery. Set up a ham and biscuit bar with plenty of toppings on the sideboard and you have Easter dinner, deconstructed. --Jane ...more
@HeatherChristo My pleasure. You had me at "apricot glaze."more

Juicy Slow-Cooker Brisket for Passover

Editor’s note: The feast after a Passover seder is usually a huge one, which can be hard to manage during the workweek. Unsurprisingly, Catherine from Weelicious has figured out how to pull it off, with this slow-cooker brisket. She says it just takes 15 minutes to prep it. A few hours in the slow-cooker later and you have a special occasion-worthy main course for your holiday feast. --Jane ...more
I have to wait until Thursday evening to do our Sedar this year (everyone has something they are ...more

Party-Perfect Antipasto Skewers

[Editor's Note: If you're still in search of easy-yet-elegant bites for a New Year's Eve party, look no further. You can mix and match the ingredients on these little bites depending on your taste and dietary preferences, and they're simple to make and tasty to eat! --Genie] ...more

Barbecue Chicken Bites

[Editor's Note: With just a few ingredients, these barbecue chicken bites are simple to assemble before a party. They're sure to disappear quickly, thanks to the magic combination of bacon and barbecue sauce! --Genie] ...more
Wow...mouth is watering!  What a great way to incorporate such a savory combination into a party ...more

Love Eggnog? Try Pumpkin Eggnog Bread!

[Editor's Note: This recipe is perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning: It's rich and decadent and infused with all the flavors of the season. Bake up a batch while opening presents, and everyone will be delighted! -Genie] ...more

Granola Bars With Holiday Flavor

[Editor's Note: Granola bars are a great snack for the whole family, but what I like about this recipe is that these are loaded with seasonal flavor. They're perfect for a casual afternoon, or as an addition to a holiday dessert tray. --Genie] ...more

Intense Chocolate Tart With A Gingersnap Crust

[Editor's Note: This chocolate and ginger tart is a delicious option for a Christmas Eve or Day dinner, or for a party closer to New Year's Eve. Your guests won't be able to resist that rich flavor! --Genie] ...more
I really need to learn how to cook.more

A Tequila Cocktail with the Christmas Spirit

[Editor's Note: I'm not a fan of too-sweet cocktails at any point in the year, but particularly not at the holidays, when there are already so many sweet temptations in circulation. That's why I appreciate cocktails like this one: they may be festive in color and flavor, but they're sophisticated and not too saccharin. --Genie] ...more