How to Make Banana Pudding Cupcakes

[Editor's Note: Though you'll probably love this recipe if you're a fan of banana pudding and cupcakes (usually served separately), the story behind the blog post is one that is definitely worth a read. Sometimes mishaps occur between food preparation and food styling, and this is a case where, while all's well that ends well, disaster definitely struck! --Genie] ...more

A Dozen Jars of Flourless Chocolate Cake

[Editor's Note: Too hot to bake? Maybe, but I think it's worth it for these adorable jars of flourless cake. They're perfect for a summer birthday—particularly if someone attending the party can't eat gluten. And they're portioned out for maximum flavor in small packages! --Genie]...more

A Delicate Russian Cherry Crepe Cake

[Editor's Note: This delicate, unusual dessert originates in Russia, and it looks absolutely delicious. It's a light, fresh alternative to traditional cake for a special occasion, and could easily be adapted to use any of the abundant summer fruit available right now. Blueberries? Raspberries? Peaches? All of those would work well in this lovely dish. --Genie]...more

Layered Individual Peanut Butter Pies

[Editor's Note: I refuse to accept that there are good and bad foods...just foods that should be eaten in moderation and others not to worry about. What's great about these little desserts is that though they're incredibly rich, portion control is built right in. Just be sure to use small containers when you assemble them! -Genie] Individual Peanut Butter Pies ...more
*Licking lips* We wish we had this for breakfast. We love peanut butter -Bella and DiDimore

Ice Cream Sandwiches to Celebrate the Fourth

[Editor's Note: The Fourth of July is filled with pomp and circumstance, and this dessert fits the spirit of the day! It's a delicious twist on plain ice cream sandwiches, and celebrates the stars of the Stars & Stripes. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday. --Genie] Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches ...more
 @TalkingTrash Aren't they? So festive!more

Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Green Tea Sparkler

[Editor's Note: Though I'm as big a fan of high-octane cocktails as the next girl, I still think it's important to have a few delicious non-alcoholic options in one's back pocket. You never know when there might be a celebration for someone who's not quite 21, or when you might have a guest who'd prefer to stay away from alcohol for any number of reasons. This is a terrific option: light and refreshing, but bubbly and classy! --Genie] ...more

Celebrate the Fourth With Patriotic Push-Up Pops

[Editor's Note: These gelatin pops are a perfect patriotic treat for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. They're colorful and delicious, and easy to pull together! --Genie] Patriotic Push-Up Pops And trust me, these mini jello treats are delicious! And to amp up the patriotic feel, I added a little red and blue washi tape to the push-up pop holder. {did i tell you i love washi tape?}...more
 @wdolderer Aren't they pretty? So festive!more

How to Make Regular and Gluten-Free Gougere

[Editor's Note: I recently had gougere for the first time at a going away party for a very close friend, and I probably would have eaten the entire tray if I hadn't summoned every bit of my self-control. These cheesy, puffy snacks are rich and wonderful, and I love that this recipe offers a version for those who can tolerate gluten, and for those who can't! --Genie]...more
These sound like they could be dangerously delicious, but they also sound relatively easy ...more

Easy Party Decoration: Carve A Watermelon Animal

[Editor's Note: As we head into watermelon season, these sweet and juicy melons will be abundant and cheap. Why not turn one into a great party centerpiece that's also edible? If it's an adults-only party, Nadia of Justice Jonesie even has a recommendation for how to turn it into a boozy treat! --Genie] ...more
A fun game at a family fourth of July party we had at the lake each year was to Crisco up a ...more

How to Make Authentic Spanish Paella

[Editor's Note: When I lived in Spain, I loved so much of the food, but paella was always one of my favorites. It incorporated seafood AND meat, and plenty of rice and vegetables cooked in an amazing saffron-infused broth. Plus, it was such a social dish—paella is rarely cooked in a small batch, and almost never eaten alone. It's a fantastic outdoor cooking option for summer, and these instructions, straight from Spain, are a great way to learn how to do it. --Genie] How to make real-deal Spanish paella ...more
 @Genie Gratto  Every home has their own variation and flavor, and I am thinking I just may have ...more