Holiday Cocktails: Spicy Mulled Port

[Editor's Note: Mulled wine? Move off the front burner, now that mulled port is in town. This is a great alternative to the more traditional winter beverage, but sip it with caution: it packs a much more powerful alcohol punch. Food Gypsy recommends serving it with a strong cheese or a good dark chocolate, or even her Chipotle Chocolate Souffle. --Genie]...more

Mint Truffle, Cafe Au Lait Trifle and a Caramel Mocha Martini!

Time for a Baileys Friendsgiving! To start things off I made a truffle with one of my favorite flavors, mint. Let me start by saying I’m really particular about mint. Too much mint and things start to go bad because it can have an overpowering effect. To keep the mint as an enhancer rather than a dominator to the chocolate I used Baileys® Hint of Mint Chocolate....more

Friendsgiving- A New Tradition

Baileys® Original Irish Cream, with their premium Irish whiskey and fresh cream, brought back memories of our trip to County Kerry, Ireland that we took a few years back. Ireland sang to my heart, wrapped me up in its comforts of hearth and home, and I nearly stayed. One day we will go back to Ireland but, in the meantime, that is where we went with our friends for our first Friendsgiving with Baileys....more

A Baileys Friendsgiving

When Baileys® Original Irish Cream contacted me about hosting a Baileys® Friendsgiving, a time to celebrate friendships over a meal or simple cocktails, I was happy to join in for time with friends to share recipes, talk about upcoming plans, and, of course, laugh. It was a casual affair. The party planning didn’t take much to put together, which meant more time for relaxing and visiting....more

Holiday Desserts: Pumpkin Pecan Roulade with Orange Mascarpone Cream

[Editor's Note: I certainly love pumpkin pie, but sometimes, Thanksgiving calls for a twist on the traditional. This pumpkin pecan roulade is just that dessert: fancy and light, but still bearing elements of pumpkin and pecan pies. It's an interesting and unusual alternative to wrap up your holiday meal. --Genie] Pumpkin Pecan Roulade...more
Wow! Just copied this one. Looks great. Thanks for sharing, Fondly, Robinmore

Holiday Cocktails: Spiced and Spiked Cider

[Editor's Note: This hot cocktail is perfect to span the whole holiday season—from November through December, and is as perfect at a Thanksgiving reception as a post-caroling warmer. Add rum if you want the adult version, or leave it out if you just want a delicious non-alcoholic treat! --Genie] Spiced and Spiked Cider...more

Holiday Food DIY: Vanilla Extract

[Editor's Note: Holiday bakers use a lot of vanilla extract, so this DIY holiday gift is a great one all season long. Even if your friends and family members who are bakers have already figured out that there's no substitute for real vanilla extract, this homemade version will make their day. --Genie] ...more
Yum! I see lots of baking in my holiday future. :) But for when you don't get enough veg in, ...more

Holiday Desserts: French Apple Tart

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a quick and easy—yet still quite elegant—dessert for a holiday gathering, look no further. This French tart comes together quickly, thanks to pre-made puff pastry, and is a great variation on apple pie if you're looking for something different to serve at the end of a meal. --Genie] ...more
it's already there. I bake the pastry first, saute' the apples, then top with caramel and whip ...more

Beer-Braised, Pressure-Cooked Pork Belly

[Editor's Note: Pork belly is all over menus everywhere, and though I know some people think it has jumped the food-lover's shark, I can't help but adore it. I'm also fascinated with the thought of pressure cookers, though I don't own one and haven't been able to play with one yet. This recipe intrigues me, and best of all, includes a set of instructions for those of us who aren't lucky enough to have a pressure cooker of our own! --Genie] ...more
yummy delicious xxmore

Peppered Ahi Tuna Salad

[Editor's Note: This salad fuses together some French technique, some Japanese sensibilities, and Mexican flavors in a delicious dish that's perfect for a special night at home. It's restaurant-quality food you can make right in your own kitchen! --Genie] ...more