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Grilled Sandwich with potato filling ...more

Potato Vindaloo

Vindaloo is hot and spicy curry very popular in Goa and in may parts of India.I have prepared this dish using potatoes....more

Why No One Should Be Mad at Beyoncé's Vegan Diet Business

The Internet is pretty mad at Beyoncé right now. Earlier this month on “Good Morning America” she “unveiled” that her vegan diet helped her lose weight and keep it off her self-described naturally curvy body. Granted, this is not the breakthrough of the century. We already knew that Beyoncé has been sort of vegan for awhile now....more
With all due respect, as a farmer (who doesn't even raise livestock), it goes both ways --- ...more

Best of June - Recipes in Review

One of the most frequent requests I receive is for recipes.  Ones that will satisfy while remaining appealing and delicious.  As I've noted before, I'm certainly not a recipe developer (though maybe one day!), but I do love being a resource to connect others with great recipes and the exceptional developers behind those tasty bites!With that goal in mind, I'm beginning a monthly series of Recipes in Review, where I will share my hubby and my favorite creations from the month for you to try as well. we go!...more

Quinoa and Kidney Beans Pilaf

Quinoa and Kidney Beans Pilaf  is delicious and flavorful pilaf recipe. Quinoa is gluten free and high in protein. Red kidney beans is good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber.This is very good option for vegetarians/vegans and for those who are diet conscious....more

My Favorite Zoodles: Mediterranean Zucchini Noodles

Have you gotten on the zucchini noodles bandwagon yet? I admit I was kind of a late adopter of zucchini noodles (also called zoodles), but now I'm really smitten with them. I keep thinking up new ways to jazz them up with interesting toppings. ...more

Miyoko's Cheese gets evaluated by a Cheesemonger, Is Vegan Cheese Good?

 Tasting Vegan “Cheese” with a Professional Cheese TasterJune 27, 2015Robin Asbell Unassigned ...more

The Taste of Banana Sadness

Today I woke up to a cold and gloomy morning (thanks June!) and two very sad bananas in my kitchen. The bananas were so sad, one look at them would make you tear. Their days of glory were long gone and age did not make them prettier. I knew they were no longer appealing, so I decided to "let 'em 'nanas bring joy".Normally, I would make a smoothie or some ice cream out of it but, as I said, this morning was very gloomy and cold. I thought: "I want cookies and I want them now!" Cookies are great, hands down. However, there is a big problem with vegan cookies (HOMEMADE ALL-NATURAL HEALTHY vegan cookies). And that is: they lack that warming melting feel to them. I found a very easy fix for it when making pepparkakor last Christmas - freshly cracked black pepper.Only, I was out of luck because I was all out of black pepper today. I was ready to give up on the idea of warming cookies today, when something caught my eye... Aha! THE secret ingredient! ...more

Foodie Friday - Summer Pasta Salad Vegan

Foodie FridaySummer Pasta Salad Click here for recipe...more