Huevos Rancheros in Grilled Avocado

The romance of a kitchen remodel wears off like clockwork after two weeks. The first week is exciting as the old stuff comes out, the space opens up, and the new vision starts becoming a reality. During week two everything seems to slow to a snail’s pace. Only one or two people show up on a daily basis.  New wiring is being run, updates to mechanical systems are being made, walls and ceiling are coming down, windows and doors may change. The mess is amplified. The dust feels unbearable. It’s then that those who brave a major remodel long for a quiet kitchen and a dull routine. ...more

Curried Veggie Noodle and Chickpea Salad

We had a Post Canada Day party on July 4th (yes, Happy 4th to our neighbours south of the border) this year as the weather was less than optimal on July 1 and we were also up north visiting my mom for her 70th birthday which was July 2 (Happy Birthday Mom!). Anyway, the weather on the 4th was spectacular! It was about 28 deg and the sun was out in full force. A perfect day for a pot luck BBQ/pool party....more

Khoba Roti - Indian Focaccia

Khoba Roti is delicious,beautiful flatbread prepared using Wheat flour that can be served for lunch / dinner. I call it Indian Focaccia. Khoba means indentation in hindi. This is thicker and tastier than regular chapati.Traditionally this is prepared in tandoor but I have prepared it using the ordinary tava and it really tastes awesome....more

Chickpea Salad Niçoise Is Such a Smart Meatless Twist on a Classic

I'm not sure if it's a result of the Meatless Mondaymovement, but one thing I'm noticing is more and more classic dishes being adapted into interesting meatless variations. In this Chickpea Salad Niçoise from Kitchen Treaty, Kare has done a beautiful meatless version of the classic French Salade Niçoise, which traditionally contains tuna. ...more


Chane Ghasi / Chickpeas Gravy is authentic konkani dish that is frequently prepared not only at home but also at temples during festivals and auspicious occasion....more

Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

Ok, so we have already established that I love curry and I love soups. This soup is just another addition to my “MUST MAKE THIS AGAIN!” list. It is bursting at the seams with flavour and it makes enough that you are guaranteed to have lunch the next day.I chose to use the green lentil as I find green lentils keep their firm texture even after cooking. If you prefer to have a thicker soup with a little less texture than use the red lentil....more

Avocado Radish Crackers

Hi. My name is Kate and I am addicted to avocados....more

Delicious Food

Grilled Sandwich with potato filling ...more