Easy Low Carb Egg Tostadas

We love breakfast for dinner in our house and this one was an instant hit. It was different from the usual eggs and bacon and I paired it with rutabaga home fries.Rutabagas are lower in calories and carbs than potatoes and contain more calcium....more

Spaghetti in Chipotle Hot Sauce

Spaghetti In Chipotle Hot Sauce is delicious and spicy pasta with smoky flavor prepared using hot sauce and bell peppers.I always love to try out the pasta with different sauces and variations. I am trying the sauce with the smoky flavor for the first time and I am really in love with this. Easy to prepare and very tasty....more

Patrado / Collard Leaves With Indian Twist

Patrado / Collard Leaves With Indian Twist is a very popular, soft, delicious and spicy Konkani recipe prepared using rice, coconut and dry red chill.My mom prepares the best patrado and I still remember my cousins and family members asking her to prepare every time they visit and enjoying it with coconut oil :). When I visited payless store this time, I found this collard leaves and wanted to replicate my mom’s recipe with this. So I gave this a try and the outcome was hit and felt its worth sharing....more

Fennel Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing

Crunchy fennel, apples and walnuts in a creamy goat cheese with a touch of honey and apple vinegar, accompanied by lamb’s salad. What a tasty combination!...more

Spinach in Coconut Sauce

Spinach in Coconut Sauce is delicious curry where the spinach is cooked in coconut sauce along with beans of your choice and yellow lentil / toor dal. This dish can be served with steamed rice or neer dosa or even shevai / rice noodles for lunch / dinner / breakfast. This is my simple variation to authentic palak recipe in konkani which is called palak ambat....more

Macaroni Salad

It's still summer and y'all know what that means? There’s still time for some outdoor get-togethers and Bar-B-Q's with some good old fashioned foods. Especially with Labor day weekend coming up.One of my favorite foods for these type of things is macaroni salad. I love the creaminess and sweet tangy taste of this stuff. Even more so than potato salad, and I love me some tater salad!Funny thing is, I've never made macaroni salad until a couple weeks ago. Sad but true. I always bought my macaroni salad at the store (Gasp!)....more

Freekah Foods Giveaway

I had a little extra time on Sunday so I devoted some time to meal prep while listening to a podcast. Cooking is so relaxing!...more

Walnut Baba Ganoush (Eggplant Dip)

Let’s face it, eggplant kind of sucks. Out of all the vegetables, it is probably my least favorite. It takes a lot of other flavors to make it taste good. And sure, eggplant rollatini is AMAZING, but that is because it is smothered in sauce and cheese and all kinds of unhealthy goodness. And eggplant rollatini is also kind of a pain to make. I also don’t really like eggplant texture in general – I have a hard time eating any recipes where the eggplant is thicker than in eggplant rollatini....more


I’m not one of those foodies who spends hours in front of The Food Network. My only bond with cooking shows was during my nannying stint in Paris, when I watched to learn more French and inspire my menus. The tv personalities solidified my understanding of the words butter, cream, more butter and more cream....more