Adventures in Engine 2 Land

Everyone who knows me knows, I have a happy place. And it's name is Target. Since it opened here about ten years or so ago I have been a fan. The ability to purchase adorable cardigans, batteries, and stylish home goods at the same time as tampons, Advil, and office supplies is a joy every shopper deserves to luxuriate in....more

Avocado Oil

Recipe testing for the Messina / Fields book is going strong! I've been editing many recipes before handing them over to my faithful testers and have noticed how much I use avocado oil - because I need to keep editing recipes to add "or olive oil". But really, I'd love for more people to try avocado oil....more

Peach Dutch Pancake with Cherry Compote

I subscribe to Bon Appetite magazine and I absolutely love it....more

Vegetarian Moussaka from The Chic Brulee

Right now my four eggplant plants are in overdrive in the garden, which is only one reason I'm loving this vegetarian version of the famous Greek eggplant dish called Moussaka as a Meatless Monday option. Janelle from The Chic Brulee enjoyed Moussaka when she visited the Greek island of Santorini, and back home she decided to create a meatless version. Janelle's lighter Vegetarian Moussaka has bulgur and Greek yogurt, plus the same traditional tomato sauce and spices that make this dish so popular. ...more

Vegan news you can use (8/13/12)

I usually share vegan news on Sunday, but I was just too excited about Saturday’s cooking demonstration and posted about it yesterday!  A day late, here’s the news.This week’s vegan links and newsVegan news is everywhere…...more

Taos Caesar Salad

We had a salad similar to this at the Grand Canyon several years ago, and it's become a staple in our house. We've changed it quite a bit along the way, making it even healthier and more delicious, so now I call it a Taos Caesar, because it's very much at home here.  ...more

Indonesian Avocado Shake

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a decadent treat that also provides a dose of healthy fat, this avocado smoothie from Indonesia is just what you're looking for. It's native to Bali, and is a vacation in a glass! --Genie]...more

My first public cooking demonstration

I did it! I survived my first public cooking demo! Folks, I am hooked!...more

Goat Cheese Quinoa Cakes

Are you getting tired of quinoa?? Is your family secretly or openly loathing the nights you serve quinoa to them. “Quinoa again!!”, they say. Do not despair, not all hope is lost. Ok, enough with the silliness....more

Thai Basil-Walnut Pesto

It seems like I say this too often, but I’ll say it again: Go to your local farmers market!!!! You can support local agriculture, purchase fruits and vegetables that were just picked, and have a good time. Every market is different, but there’s usually some kind of entertainment, live music, various food trucks, and more....more