A 36-hour escape + Vegan news you can use (8/19/12)

This lovely, sunny, cool Sunday morning I am feeling incredibly relaxed. Since starting my own business, vacation is just not something I have considered. My client roster is busy (I’m thankful!) and, hey, when you work for yourself you don’t get vacation days – you either work and get paid or you don’t work and you don’t get paid....more

Pineapple + Cashew Quinoa Curry Bowls

Looking for something to spice up your week? This curry bowl is your answer! A delicious bowlful of fresh veggies and healthy quinoa infused with mildly spicy curry topped with crunchy cashews and fresh pineapple. Mmm! This is seriously one of the yummiest dishes I have tried in a long time. And even though the ingredient list may seem lengthly, it is a really easy meal to throw together. ...more
Sounds Delicious.  I can't wait to try it.more

Chopped Salad with Cashew Chipotle Dressing

Today I decided it was time, for the first time ever, to cook dry beans on the stove top....more

Raw Blueberry and Cream Tart


the Gear (and GoGo Bites!)

I closed up my bead business yesterday. After almost 16 years, I was done. That's it. There are longer explanations, but what's important here is now I have time to do what I consider to be my real work - making beautiful vegan food, and helping other people learn how to eat better and get healthier. If you're curious about the job I've just quit, you can visit my bead website at KimMiles.com. I know some people think I'll go back to beadmaking as a career....more

Jovanka On The China Study

This wonderful read, written by Doctors T. Colin Campbell and his son Dr. Tom Campbell back in 2006 has had the biggest impact in my quest for health and well-being so far today.So much so in fact, that I decided to complete Dr. Campbell’s prestigious Plant-Based Nutrition Program from Cornell University....more

Jiro's Less Satisfying Dream

So!  Sushi....more

Back to School Special!

I am nearly 47 years old, I do not have children, and I am not currently taking any classes.  Yet this time of year you can still find me in the “Back to School” aisles at Staples, Target and my local grocery store.I. Just. Can’t. Resist.I love the smell of new pencils, the look of colorful new pens, the creative, new-to-me, folder filing systems, etc.  Love it....more

Apetizing Eats in Aptos, CA

Located near the majestic Monterrey Bay, you'll find Aptos. A great little seaside town, sandwiched by beautiful beaches and pine lined mountains, Aptos is a close home to many agricultural farms and businesses....more

The lunch I needed (and I’m not talking about the food) at Quintessence, NYC

Okay, the title is a misleading.  I needed the awesome, raw, vegan food that gets served up at Quintessence in Manhattan that filled my belly.  But my lunch date, Gena of Choosing Raw, filled my heart and filled my soul. Gena is someone with whom I can share everything. My hopes, fears, anxieties, and successes. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G  How lucky am I?We spent nearly two hours catching up on our lives and somehow, in the midst of the flurry of conversation and laughter, we feasted....more