Juice & Raw Vegetable Workshop Guest: John Foster & George Vermillion

Dear Juicers and Juicer-Wannabees: ...more

Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Red Lentils with Sweet Potato

Here is a simple recipe I made with my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker that serves two:1 small/medium onion, peeled and diced1 sweet potato, peeled and chopped1/2 cup red lentils, rinsed1/2 tsp cinnamon1/4 tsp chipotle chili pepper powder (mine is Kroger grocery store brand)1/4 tsp garlic powder2 tablespoons Sushi Rice Vinegar 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes1 1/2 cups water ...more

Will you play a game? (You could win a copy of Main Street Vegan and Vegan for Life!)

I know you are here.I have Google Analytics and see you reading every single day (thank you!) but I’m not hearing too much from you here on the blog....more

Nashville's Healthy Eats

Nashville, Tennessee. Another city seeded in music, country and country pop oozes from this town. Also known as NashVegas, Music City and of course, The Grand Ole Opry, this town is pulsing with music  and actually, it's overflowing with flavor too! Follow me to see where to find some great vegan eats in Nashville!...more

Bulk cooking, rice cookers, fermented veggies, fresh juice, and nooch love

My love affair for the pressure cooker is pretty obvious on this blog. I don’t talk as much about my first love, the rice cooker (read all about both here: FAQ #2: What’s up with the rice and pressure cooker obsession?) but I still adore it.I have several rice cooker recipes here on the blog...more

The Gluten Free Experiment Needs Your Input

Heads up, my Gluten Free Friends! Rick and I are going GF for the entire month of March, not because we have to, but because we're curious to see if we'll feel better without the gluten. Neither of us has a gluten sensitivity that we're aware of, and we already feel pretty darn fabulous. But if it could get even better, we'll take it.  ...more

Announcing The Queer Vegan Food Cookbook, benefitting Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

I’m delighted to announce that my friend, Sarah E. Brown, has released her first e-cookbook!...more

Ch ch ch ch changes...

I am making some big changes this February. I am taking on the Engine 2 diets 28 day challenge on Valentines day. That means no meat, dairy (yes that means cheese), oils or refined sugars and low sodium. It means eating a plant based diet; a lot of veggies and whole grains....more