Chipotle Squash Salad with Jicama & Avocado from Eats Well with Others

All I had to do was read the recipe title and I knew this Chipotle Squash Salad with Jicama, Goat Cheese, and Avocado from Eats Well with Others was something I'd love to try. The squash is roasted and then tossed with jicama and lime juice and served on a bed of spinach with avocado and goat cheese. With all these great flavors going on in a Meatless Monday dinner I'm guessing no one will even think about meat!...more
@joanneeatswell @BlogHer My pleasure! Your recipes are always so creative.more

Meatless Monday - One Good Reason (To Go Vegan) #1

Since I'm meatless every day, I don't think much about Meatless Mondays, but I do want to encourage anyone who still eats meat to consider going without it just one day a week... for starters! I realize a lot of people don't have the time or interest to read entire books on the subject, or even to watch some of the really enlightening films on a vegan diet's effects on our health, animal welfare, and the health of the planet herself....more


Happy Mother's Day! I won't be seeing my kids today, but I'm proud as can be to be their mom. I'll be celebrating veg-style here, by vegging out a bit, cooking some good vegan food, and maybe going to a movie with my darlin' Rick this afternoon. ...more

One week from tomorrow – A 10-course vegan dining experience not to be missed!

Are you enjoying a bowl of green ice cream for breakfast this morning? How about black bean and sweet potato stew for lunch? Maybe gingered asparagus and leeks as a side with dinner tonight?...more

The Meat Debate

I have essentially been a vegetarian/pescetarian since I was 16, ever since my parents decided to go Atkins and I decided I needed to rebel.  At first it was a challenge, proving to my parents that I could not only cook for myself but that I could make healthy decisions.  I continued thru college with no intentional stops off the vegetarian train and honestly thought I was going to be a vegetarian for life. ...more
@Vladivosta Part of it is I don't "crave" meat by any stretch, at the time I went vegetarian I ...more

Green Ice Cream: Vegan Breakfast (or Dessert!)

My morning meals have been mostly smoothies for the last couple of weeks – most likely because I have stepped up my fitness quite a bit as I am training for a summer duathlon (run – bike – run).  I love a tall, liquid breakfast after a workout.  Yesterday was a rest day from exercise; I wanted all the powerful nutrition of a smoothie but was most definitely craving a new texture....more
You have inspired me!  I make Green Thickies every morning but this is perfect for the great ...more

Recipe: Pasta with Spinach, Feta and Garlic

This dish is another great way to enjoy spinach, my favorite spring leafy green! A little olive oil, some garlic, add a dash of balsamic vinegar, and crumble some feta cheese over it all and you've got a quick, light, healthy(ish) pasta dish....more
Hi Arika, My 2 years old daughter loves pasta and soup, so I always look for the healthy ...more

Healthy, Vegan Mother's Day Recipes

It’s the day we ask mom to stop, relax, kick her feet up and be pampered by the very people she pampers all year long. Be sure you shower her with gifts, take her to be primped at her favorite spa and finish the day with a lovely meal. Check out these healthy and vegan Mother’s Day recipes as well as last year’s brunch menu!Pink Le-MOM-Ade...more

15 -Minute Recipes For Mother's Day Brunch

 Mother's day is coming up this Sunday, and being a mom myself, i know how hard it can be to juggle some time to make this day extra-special for your Mom, without getting frantic or working too hard in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your special day too! Here are some quick and delicious Brunch recipes that would not take more than 15 minutes to make, and yet would leave a lasting impression on this special day....more

Simple Buttermilk Yogurt with Mango-Pistachio Topping

[Editor's Note: Like A Sweet Spoonful's Megan Gordon, I was quite taken with Tamar Adler's recent book, An Everlasting Meal. Though this simple breakfast dish is not inspired by the book itself, it's certainly inspired by its philosophy of economy and simplicity when it comes to food. It doesn't hurt that it's delicious and quite healthy, too. --Genie] ...more