Veganizing Katie Couric's Lemon Bars

A friend recently gave me a recipe for Katie Couric's Lemon Bars, which look really beautiful, but are filled with eggs, butter, white flour, and regular sugar - all things I won't eat. But I love lemon bars, and I wanted to make some so I decided to see if I could veganize Katie's recipe. They came out great, and are ever so much healthier for all concerned than the originals. This really encourages me to take on a project I've been thinking of for a while - veganizing Julia Child! I think that would be really fun. ...more

The VegCookbook Club's Eight Favorite Vegan Recipes

In January, I started a new blog, VegCookbook Club, in the hopes of connecting with people who love to cook from cookbooks as much as I do, particularly vegan ones. To me, each vegan recipe feels like a little science experiment + a food adventure.  Will this really taste as good without cheese? Thicken without eggs? Be as delicious without bacon?...more
 @Elisa Camahort It's a solid cookbook. I'm surprised I'd never heard of the author before. The ...more

Recipe: Vegan Granola Using Nut/Seed Pulp

Oh dearest granola...Don't you love sticking your hand into the bag of granola you've just so proudly purchased...and you look at the nutrition facts to inwardly boast about how well you've done and-WTF.Yes, natural granola is healthy. Commercialised granola that has been "spruced" up to dehydrate you, make you hungrier so you buy not....more

Recipe: Vegan Yogurt in Crock-Pot

Vegan yogurt is something I wish I always had more of. Yogurt is so versatile- whether you mix it with granola for brekkie, throw it in a smoothie, whip it up with some cocoa powder for a makeshift pudding or simply just eat it as is- it's truly a wonderful food to have around.Being someone who prefers to stray from cow nipples, I used to miss out on not only the creamy taste of yogurt, but the probiotic health benefits as well....more

Recipe: Vegan Almond Cheese

My daughter was nothing short of stoked when I found a recipe for cheese she could munch on all day. Let me tell you... it's a hit. You're going to need:...more

Recipe: Raw Nut/Seed Milk

 So let me tell you this- my daughter and I drink a LOT of Almond/Hemp milk. I even began to reduce my intake of milk  after seeing how much I was spending on it every two to three days!!! After spending so much time making my own deodorant, breads, toothpaste...I figured making milk would be a breeze!Smh......more

Black Bean Spread

2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed 1 tablespoon olive oil 3 cloves garlic 1 1/2 tablespoons cumin salt pepper onion powder 1 bunch of cilantro 1/4 cup red wine vinegarToasted slices of baquette, pita chips, or whatever you want!...more

Perform as a Vegetarian athlete

Considering omitting meat from your diet or have you already?...more

Meatless Mondays: Egg salad lettuce wraps & white wine pickled vegetables

 So I have this one member of my family who sometimes just wants to eat vegetables.  No, it's not our pet bunny rabbit, and this person shall remain nameless for their own good.  But in an effort to try and get this person to actually read my blog posts, I thought joining in on Meatless Mondays would be a good start.  So I stole this person's dinner idea for this one.  Nope, there's no shame in my game......more