Vegan She-Ro

So here I am on day 7 of being vegan. This has been an interesting journey. It has been a lot easier than I expected it to be. I think mostly because I already make some vegan choices in my life that I just didn't realize were vegan. For example, I don't drink milk. I use coconut milk for everything and have even gotten my boyfriend into coconut milk too. I also started using more super foods a few months ago so one of my favorite lunches is a Vegan Burrito Bowl previously referred to in my world as just Burrito Bowl....more

Pacos. Yes.

Summer Squash Fritters from Aggie's Kitchen

Nothing says summer like zucchini, and if you know someone with a garden they'll probably be happy to share some so you can make these very tasty-looking Summer Squash Fritters from Aggie's Kitchen.  The fritters have Parmesan cheese for extra flavor, and I think they sound like a perfect Meatless Monday lunch or light dinner, maybe with a nice green salad on the side and some kind of tasty sauce to serve over them.  Aggie uses a combination of yellow summer squash and zucchini, which I think makes the fritters especially pretty, but any kind of summer squash would work. ...more
@aggieskitchen my pleasure Aggie; great recipe!more

All is Revealed Part 1: New Business = Go Vegan with JL! (Vegan Lifestyle Coaching Session GIVEAWAY)

This past spring I did something somewhat quietly. I started my own busisess.  Some of you figured it out through my Facebook and Twitter updates but, overall, I made the move discreetly.  Last week I wrote about my big professional changes, in broad strokes, for the career section of If you haven’t read my piece How I Retired Before I Retired, please do so, as it will give context to what I’m about to announce.  I’ll wait here while you read it.Welcome back!...more

Quinoa and Queso Fresco-Stuffed Poblano

[Editor's Note: I love the sound of this vegetarian entree that features the protein power of quinoa mixed with wonderful grilled vegetable flavor. It's healthy and flavorful, and is miles away from the standard stuffed pepper! --Genie]...more
Yes! I was reading this yesterday and I'm dying to make it!more

Raw, vegan eats on Long Island: Live Island Cafe, Huntington, NY

Tomorrow is the big day! I am finally going to tell you all about my vegan lifestyle coaching practice – and I’m going to be giving away coaching sessions! Stay tuned! Right now, however, I simply have to share a review of a restaurant that I tried for the first time yesterday....more

Summer's Best Salad: Tomatoes Star in Panzanella

Now that ripe, juicy tomatoes are abundant residents at farmers markets around the country, it's time to make panzanella, an Italian-style tomato-and-bread salad. This is one of my favorite dishes of summer because it highlights that can't-be-beat tomato flavor. It's also a wonderful way to use up stale bread, so it's a frugal option at this time of year! ...more
@BlogHerFood We couldn't agree more!more

Summer Fun Friday: Vegan events, fashion (sale!) + a failed (but delish) JL-EGG Omelet

It’s the last call for the Heart Healthy Pizza cookbook giveaway.  I hope you enter for your chance to win...more

CHERRY TART with Almond Cream