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Basic White Sandwich Bread

School has been a whirlwind lately, with four 3-hour labs per week and regular lectures on top, I really haven’t had much time to cook lately. Even bread has been slow-coming (to the disappointment of my boyfriend, I’m sure).Speaking of bread, my formerly active and extremely happy little starter has not been so happy lately. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the water at my new house is no good, and that it’s too darn cold. We’ll see if I can solve this little mystery and finally make some good sourdough again. Until that happens, loaf pan breads it is....more

Kettle Cuisine is a Delight

It is a cold, rainy, winter Monday here in Southern California. Perfect soup weather! I really wish I were home right now.  There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket, sitting on the couch enjoying a hot bowl of soup; then maybe reading a good book or watching a movie while it rains. ...more

Penne with Balsamic Sweet Potatoes, Arugula, & Parmesan from Kalyn's Kitchen

I just have two things to say about this great meatless pasta dish that I came up with one day when I had some leftover arugula but didn't feel like a salad. Baby arugula and sweet potatoes. If you like those two ingredients, you're going to love this recipe, (and if you don't like them, there's probably no way I could talk you into trying it). If you replace the Parmesan with a vegan cheese, the recipe could be vegan, and there's so much good flavor here, I think it would even be good without the cheese....more
I think the lemon lentil soup sounds amazing!more

Vegan 101: Smoothies for quick and easy vegan indulgence

The Vegan 101 Series is back! Last year I started the 101 series to celebrate one year of being vegan.  I’ve just hit two years as a vegan and wanted to bring back, perhaps less frequently, posts for the series....more

Vegan Zombies and Vegan news you can use (2/26/12)

This week's Vegan Links and NewsHere a few items I found of interest this week:...more

Spicy Masala Eggs: A Twist on Deviled Eggs

I'm always on the hunt for interesting international recipes, and I'm dying to give this one a try. It's a great alternative to traditional deviled eggs, and features a fiery and flavorful spice mixture that's sure to please those with adventurous tastes. Give it a try at your next gathering! Spicy Masala Eggs...more
Hi Genie!  This recipe looks amazing, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try it! I am newbie, ...more

How to Eat a Pummelo

[Editor's Note: I always encourage people to try produce they find in their grocery store that is unfamiliar. It's a great way to discover new flavors that they might otherwise have missed! The Family Foodie got a little adventurous in the produce section, and tried this citrus fruit that might be new to you. --Genie] ...more

Lettuce Die For Your Sins, And Other News

Happy Lent season everyone!  I’m not a Catholic, so I really don’t “get” the idea of giving up something for Lent is all about, but I did see this photo and I thought it was particularly funny....more

How to Feed Your Family Nutritious Vegetables

God created our bodies to need lots and lots of fruits and veggies. The average American gets two and a half servings total of fruits and vegetables a day, but we should be eating five. Even worse, most Americans get their daily intake from nutritionally depleted fruits and vegetables. "What?!?!" you say. "Well, I'm fine...I buy fresh fruits and veggies. No cans and frozen stuff in my house." Nope...sorry, still depleted. ...more
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