Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta

If you love avocados then you'll love this quick and fresh pasta "sauce!" I nicknamed it avocado "pesto" mainly because of it's green hue.  If you really want to be technical, you could always add some toasted pine nuts for extra flavour and texture, which of course I thought of in hindsight! (The name would also have been much more appropriate!)...more
This looks so good ;)more

Honey, Get Vegan

I've been attempting plenty of vegan recipes over the last few months, after a good year on being obsessed with macrobiotic diet. Even after moving onto greener pastures, I luckily kept up with serving brown rice- a macro staple- even concocting my own mix like this one to keep the rest of my family happy....more

New Mexico Red Chile

The official state question here in New Mexico is, "Red or Green?" You'll most likely hear it in a restaurant, and they'll be asking whether you want red or green chile on your food. If you can't decide, ask for "Christmas," and have some of both. Chile is not the same as chili. It's a sauce, and doesn't have beans in it. Sometimes it has meat (boo!), but ask your server, just to be sure, or make your own. There are as many recipes for red chile (and green) as there are cooks who make it. Here's mine. ...more

Quick tips for fueling the average vegan athlete {Vegan MoFo #18}

I am back in the kitchen with a few quick tips as part of my Vegan MoFo theme....more

Jalapeno Garlic Zucchini with Brown Rice

Have you ever opened a can of tomato sauce by mistake when you meant to open a can of cut tomatoes. Or vice versa. Sometimes the labels look so similar that if I’m not paying attention it will happen every time. When this happens I store the tomato sauce, or cut tomatoes that I didn’t need in the fridge. I keep it right in front of the fridge to remind me to make something with it so the tomato sauce or cut tomatoes aren’t wasted. This zucchini recipe is the perfect thing to make when this happens because it includes both tomato sauce and cut tomatoes....more
Looks delicous! I gather you would saute the chicken separately then add it to the mix? Dianemore

What About Vegans and Leather?

~~~Everybody comes to veganism in their own way, for their own reasons. Usually it's based on personal health/weight concerns, environmental issues, or animal rights considerations. I think eventually many of us embrace all of these things, and at that point, being vegan is more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. What we eat remains central, but what we wear and buy and support also plays a big role. ...more

Savory Layered Vegetable Torte

I love butternut squash this time of year and try to come up with all sorts of ways to prepare it.  If you love vegetables you have to try this simple recipe.  Although there are several steps it's really easy and will wow your family and guests.

Oh no, Sugarbear, it's fine. I'll just put some flax on it.

 We bought a bad cantaloupe the other day, my friends. Let me set a few things out for you for context:...more