Super Quick Lunch

This morning I woke up late. After having slept for several hours in a row. Time to break out the vitamin D, less sun is killing my schedule! At any rate, Miss Girl needed a lunch and we needed to be out the door in less than half an hour. So she got a really quick lunch in a disposable lunchmeat container!...more

Flower Garden Bento

This one was for Monday of this week, (09/17/12). Saw some more cute pictures of different ways to cut veggies and thought they looked simple enough, why not give them a shot? Plus, what little girl doesn't love flowers?...more

Breakfast for Dinner: Garlicky Eggs, Mushrooms on Toast

[Editor's Note: Though Yadsia of shop.cook.make thought of this as a breakfast dish, it is elegant and easy enough to be a perfect Quicker Dinners option. On a night when you'd like to turn your day upside down and serve breakfast for dinner, this is a great recipe to try. It'll be on the table in no time flat. --Genie] ...more
Thanks a lot Genie, that sounds goodmore

Vegan 101: Vegan Cooking with a Slow Cooker

Nearly two years ago I launched a Vegan 101 Series to celebrate one year of being vegan.  This is just one way that I try to provide new vegans, or the veg-curious, resources and tips on the vegan journey....more

Easy Chile Rellenos Casserole from Our Life in the Kitchen

It's chile roasting season, but if you're not lucky enough to have a garden, Karen says you can use canned green chiles to make this Easy Chile Rellenos Casserole from Our Life in the Kitchen. I love the way the casserole just layers the chiles, cheese, and sauce to make an easier version of this beloved Mexican classic, and I'd love this for a Meatless Monday dinner. ...more
Wow! You had me at the picture!more

Peachy Vegan Pancakes


Ocean Bento!

Okay, I promised a cuter lunch one of these days! Starting to come out of my funk, so I'm finally feeling up to it, too....more

More Catching Up! Week of 09/10.

Once again, I took pictures this week but couldn't be bothered to post them until just now. So instead of one lunch, we have an entire week! Well, except for the cuter one from Friday. It'll get its own post.At the beginning of the week I was starting to run low on groceries but hadn't made it to the store just yet, so the first three lunches this week are kind of scavenger-y. You've been warned....more