Peachy Vegan Pancakes


Ocean Bento!

Okay, I promised a cuter lunch one of these days! Starting to come out of my funk, so I'm finally feeling up to it, too....more

More Catching Up! Week of 09/10.

Once again, I took pictures this week but couldn't be bothered to post them until just now. So instead of one lunch, we have an entire week! Well, except for the cuter one from Friday. It'll get its own post.At the beginning of the week I was starting to run low on groceries but hadn't made it to the store just yet, so the first three lunches this week are kind of scavenger-y. You've been warned....more

Anti-Pasta Salad

[Editor's Note: What is it people really like about pasta salad? I'd argue it's not the pasta, but everything else that comes along with it: the dressing, the vegetables, and, if you're so inclined, the meats and/or cheeses. So why hasn't it ever occurred to me to make this brilliant variation ... one that simply omits the pasta? Check out this healthy recipe that's great for using up late-season summer vegetables. --Genie] ...more

What do YOU want to know about going vegan? Respond to this survey and enter to win a Go Vegan with JL apron!

As many of you know, I have a personal and group coaching practice for individuals seeking support on their vegan journey. In addition, my services expand to topical posts here on the blog and to featured topics in my newsletter (all free to you!).  The content is driven by you. I mean, who knows more about the questions facing new vegans, veg-curious, or “part-time” vegetarians/vegans than you?...more

Celebrate Late-Season Tomatoes With Tomato Tabouleh

[Editor's Note: In some parts of the country, tomato season is just about to end, while in others, there are still a few weeks of ripe, red goodness to go. Regardless, seize that last moment of tomato madness with this simple salad that requires garden- or farm-fresh tomatoes. It's healthy and lets the produce shine. --Genie] ...more
Yes. Great time for a delicious tomato salad. Let's eat tomatoes as much as we can :)more

Cold Cucumber Soup

This is what I had for dinner tonight - M was at class so I took the chance to make something I really like for dinner. Plus something healthy. Veggie. You name it. Chick food! ;o)...more

Vegetarian? Enjoy, y'all.


Meet the Sloppy Jessie

One of my favorite meals growing up was my Dads homemade Sloppy Joe's. He made the best sauce... I'd load mine down with mustard and homemade slaw.  We had them often because it was a quick and easy meal for a family of 5.Now that I've become vegetarian, I want you to meet Sloppy Joe's girlfriend, Jessie!What you'll need (serves 4-6):1 cup dry lentils1/2 green pepper, chopped1/2 sweet onion, chopped1 cup catsup2 tbsp. worcestershiredash of white vinegar1 tsp. blue agave syrup**...more