Farmers market, finally + Vegan news you can use (7/1/12)

I was up early this morning which is surprising, considering our big food night out.  I even managed to get out on the road bike for a training ride.  As soon as Dave got home from coaching we hit up one of our local farmers markets.  I cannot believe it took me until July to get outside for some produce shopping!...more

Three Terrific Grilled Side Dishes

Grilling is a pretty simple way to get dinner on the table quickly. I love evenings when I can grill not only my main dish, but my side dishes as well. ...more

It’s Vegan Pizza Day! (Plus, summer = pasta salads! How about a Hodgson Mill Pasta GIVEAWAY?)

It’s Vegan Pizza Day!Last year this auspicious occasion was celebrated on January 29 and I made this yummy pie, a day late.  Yesterday I made pizza a day early, so that I could review a vegan pizza cookbook for you. I will share the review – and a giveaway – tomorrow, but today, on the actual Vegan Pizza Day, I offer you this teaser....more

Grilled Veggie Quinoa Salad

Everyone loves a good old fashioned barbecue. The easy conviviality of a family backyard picnic. The smoky summer scent of charred goodies grilling. Lemonade chilling. Badminton birdies sailing. The crack of croquet balls. The last pink of daylight. Punching lids on firefly jars. But if you need to be gluten-free, or if you happen to be vegan, barbecues can be less than convivial. Those mysterious sauces (so often containing wheat-laced soy sauce). Those off-limit fluffy hot dog buns. All those meaty burgers and egg-dotted salads. What's a gluten-free vegan to do? Munch on lettuce? ...more
This looks awesome. I love quinoa.more

Creating a Vegan Community by Dianne Wenz, Montclair Vegans {Guest Post}

Earlier this week I shared my tips on how to Make Your Vegan Activism POP.  I mentioned that this was the student presentation I prepared for the Main Street Vegan Academy.  I asked a fellow academy student, Dianne Wenz (who you know as VeggieGirl), to share her presentation here....more

Throwback Thursday: Sweet Pickle Relish

I had a craving for a tuna fish sandwich for lunch today which led me to my basement to grab a jar of my sweet pickle relish. I love my homemade relish. I learned how to make it last year and I don't even know how many jars I have gone through, but it's been a lot. I find excuses to use it. It is that good. I promise. ...more

Down Time (Recipe: Stir Fried Forbidden Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini)

I thought things were slowly returning to an upswing but I was wrong. Last Saturday I fell during a ceremonial Walk To London roll and trashed my helmet. The fall was absurd and I am mad at myself for crashing under such innocuous circumstances. My helmet served me well and shattered as it should but I was dizzy for some time. After much consideration, I was taken to a nearby hospital in Washington DC on an ambulance, strapped to a board on the stretcher to immobilize me....more

Vegan 4th of July Recipes

It's time to break out the red, white and blue decorations, dust off the grill and party your swimsuit off! It's a time to celebrate summer but let's not forget that it's a time to party patriotic....more
Awesome ideas, definitely going to try the tomatoey potatoes and deviled "eggs". Very inventive!more