Mason Jar Salad: Packed Lunch Miracle or Mistake?

Have you heard of the new trend of making a layered salad in a Mason Jar?  The claim is that it’s an easy way to pack a salad that won’t get soggy.  I bring my lunch to work most days in an attempt to save money, control my portions, and eat a healthy lunch.  The only issue with bringing my lunch is packing something that will taste good at lunchtime even though it’s made the night before....more

Kimberlys Guide to Ice Cream, Part 1 - Custard

Being somewhat foolish, I started ice creams with custards. There would have been easier ways, but I probably would have gleefully avoided anything involving hot dairy and egg yolks for as long as possible, so maybe it was better this way.My earlier experience with custards was somewhere between a complete disaster and occasionally acceptable. I am sure microwave lime curd can be delicious and simple to make, but my scrambled lime juice eggs were just not quite the same....more

Wild Mushroom Soup

Day 22 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more

Hate Marshmallowey Sweet Potatoes? Try This Recipe With Feta and Sumac

Hate Marshmallowey Sweet Potatoes? Try This Savory Recipe With Feta and Sumac It's the Monday before Thanksgiving, the most sweet-potato centric holiday of all in the U.S., and this week I'm giving you an ultra-easy sweet potato recipe for a Meatless Monday treat. Sweet potatoes always go on sale right before Thanksgiving, so you might have a few extra ones on hand. ...more

Apple "Nachos"

Carrot Cake Pancakes

  Ever since I made the Wheat Germ Blueberry Muffins, I’ve been on a kick to keep our breakfasts interesting. I keep wanting to make pumpkin pancakes (one of my favorites!), but we just keep getting more and more carrots in our CSA. So I decided to get creative and make carrot cake pancakes!...more

Mango Coconut Frozen Yogurt

We are temporarily out of dog treats, which will be remedied this weekend. Unimpressed by this promise, dog decided to find a few treats of his own. Apparently he too enjoys a nice pumpkin doughnut. Or three....more

Colorful Vegetable Quinoa Salad

If you follow me on Instagram (@swt_catastrophe) you probably saw me post this yummy picture a few days ago. I am by no means a chef but as I continue on my plant-based journey I've begun to enjoy cooking even more....more

Creamy Turnip Potato Soup

Creamy Turnip Potato SoupTags: Appetizers, Drink, Lunch, Other Recipes, Vegetarian...more