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The Purple Carrot - Meals Made Simple

Do you find yourself wanting to cook healthful and satisfying meals, yet having the time to grocery shop, prep, and actually prepare those meals presents an ongoing challenge?Prompted by several of my clients inquiring about meal delivery services I decided it would be pertinent of me to do a test run in order to be able to fully endorse a company.  While I thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping and spending time in the kitchen, I know that's not the case for everyone and life always presents seasons where getting a good meal on the table can be a real challenge....more

Kale White Bean Vegetable Soup

The weather is warming up in NJ and it is absolutely beautiful outside. Soon enough it will be too hot to eat soup, which is a shame because so many good soup ingredients are just starting to become in season now. Last week we got parsnips and kale in our CSA box from Alstede Farms, and I just had to take the opportunity to make some soup before it got too hot to eat it....more

Za'atar Carrot Salad

Pia DirksThe Netherlandsemail: dirks.pia@kpnmail.nlblog: http://dr...more

Triple Glowing Milk

Remember flavored milks? Those cardboard boxes of strawberry, banana, or chocolate milk, available at any corner store. I loved them, but these days, I am more interested in the healthier choices. ...more
These look awesome! Thanks for the great ideas. Will be fun to try with my toddler in the summer :)more

Vegan Tex-Mex Casserole

 My kids gave me an excellent vegan cook book for Mother’s Day and I have been looking forward to trying them out. It can be difficult to find low carb vegan or vegetarian foods as they are all high in carbs because most of the meat alternatives are beans and legumes....more

Curry spiced lentil burgers

During the summer, especially when grilling is involved, meat tends to take centre stage. Although I’m not vegetarian in the strict sense of the word, I love experimenting with plant-based recipes. One recipe I haven’t managed to nail down yet is a good veggie burger.The fact is, vegetarian burgers can be tricky to pull off. Measuring ingredients can be tedious, but when it comes to meatless burgers the wrong proportions can go horribly wrong. Think brittle or goopy or falling apart all over your grill. Not good!...more

Creamy roasted asparagus soup

  I went and did it again.  We are having another "cold" day here in SoCal.  Yay!  I wanted soup since my front porch thermometer at 3:30 pm was reading 49 degrees F.  Now that the rain has hit it's gone up a bit but we're gonna ignore that fact....more

Spicy Pan Seared Tofu With Kumquat Sauce

Spicy Pan Seared Tofu with Kumquat sauce is sour, sweet and spicy(all in one) dish prepared using tofu, kumquat and sauces. For more detailed recipe visit