How to Make Homemade Vegan "Mayonnaise"

[Editor's Note: Did you think that choosing to eat a vegan diet means giving up creamy homemade mayonnaise? Well, technically it does, but thanks to Stephanie Weaver of The Recipe Renovator, you can still make an equally creamy and tangy sandwich spread at home. Stephanie uses agar, a seaweed-based thickener, to work her magic in this recipe. --Genie]...more
I always tell myself I need to make my own mayo, but I never do. Maybe this will get me to do it!more

How To Make Cajun-Spiced Sweet Potato Hummus

[Editor's Note: I make a lot of hummus, but have never tried to incorporate sweet potatoes into the mix. This recipe is likely to get me to change my ways—everything about it sounds delicious and awfully healthy. It's a great appetizer for any party as the winter winds down and Spring approaches. ...more
The hummus I made the other day was kind of dry...not sure if it was the beans or what, but the ...more

How to Make Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Meringues

[Editor's Note: This vegan take on light and crispy meringues is a great substitute for those who have given up eating eggs. Plus, whether you choose to eat a vegan diet or not, these make an awfully healthy way to get in a little bit of chocolate during your day without eating too many calories or lots of fat—they're a terrific treat for the whole family! --Genie] ...more
My mom makes meringue cookies with chocolate chips for Christmas, and I never thought they could ...more

Vegan Rustic Bread, Eggplant & Spinach Lasagna

[Editor's Note: Do you love lasagna, but have you gotten sick of dealing with slippery noodles you have to cook before layering, or, worse yet, no-cook noodles that get a little too crispy along the edge? Well, this recipe might be what you're looking for. It uses bread as its starch rather than pasta! It's also a sight healthier than traditional lasagna, since it's a vegan recipe packed with nutritious vegetables. According to Brooke McLay of Cheeky Kitchen, it's even kid-approved! --Genie] Rustic Bread Lasagna...more
This looks great! I have a recipe using garlic bread in lieu of noodles - it's absolutely ...more

A Refreshing Red Grapefruit and Mint Sorbet

[Editor's Note: Though a frozen dessert might not be the first thing that comes to mind during citrus season, this is a great idea for how to use excess grapefruit or pommelo as winter draws to a close. Even better, it's a lovely pre-Spring palate cleanser! --Genie] ...more
Never mind....more

Vegan Coconut Ginger Soup

[Editor's Note: This vegan soup is a Thai recipe also known as Tom Kha Ja. It's a delightful combination of tastes, and is both satisfying and exhilarating on a chilly day. It's a terrific main course, but can also serve as a good appetizer in smaller portions. --Genie] ...more
You know I'm going to put this on my Healing Food Recipes lens. Love it.more

How to Eat a Pummelo

[Editor's Note: I always encourage people to try produce they find in their grocery store that is unfamiliar. It's a great way to discover new flavors that they might otherwise have missed! The Family Foodie got a little adventurous in the produce section, and tried this citrus fruit that might be new to you. --Genie] ...more

Flower Power Eggs Make Breakfast Beautiful

[Editor's Note: These happy-making eggs are beyond simple to make, but are a lovely addition to the breakfast table any day of the week. They're a wonderful idea, especially if you make them with an assortment of colored pepper rings. --Genie] ...more
Seen this floating around Pinterest for a while... think I'm gonna try it!more

Yes, Broccoli Stems Are Edible!

[Editor's Note: I remember the first time I heard you could eat more than just the florets at the top of broccoli. My mother was talking to one of her friends, another wife of a Foreign Service Officer, and the friend was telling her about how she used to try to throw away broccoli stems when her husband was posted to China, but their housekeeper kept taking them from her with the admonition that she was throwing away the best part of the vegetable! From the day we heard that story on, broccoli stems became a regular part of our side dishes at my house. Read on to learn more from Two Lazy Gourmets, and get a great recipe for an amazing broccoli side dish! --Genie] ...more
I can't imagine having my broccoli snack and leaving the stems. Raw or cooked, I just like to ...more

Farro Salad with Herbed Hummus Dressing

[Editor's Note: I am always on the lookout for fantastic and creative grain salads—they're fantastic to take to work for lunch, and can also be the centerpiece of a satisfying, but healthy, dinner at home. I love this salad from Soup Addict, which would be exciting enough on its own, but is made even more delicious with the addition of a hummus-based dressing. I'm definitely going to make a batch of this soon! --Genie} Mediterranean Farro Salad with Hummus Dressing ...more
Why am I not eating this right now?more