Weight Loss Surgery and my worry about the opinions soon to come.

Robin's viewSO I have decided to have the Duodenal Switch surgery and I am still struggling to tell anyone about this. Why? I'm ashamed.I understand logically why I shouldn't be but we try to create an environment of support in our lives and this only seems like another reason people will judge us negatively....more
I had the lap-band surgery in 2009 and I can confirm surgery is not the "easy way out."  It is a ...more

Feel Good

This week and probably next week will be filled with a whirlwind of end of year school activities and paperwork at work. But I am excited because I have really gotten back to being serious with my weight loss and exercise habits. It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to lose weight but how easy it is to gain if you aren't paying attention....more


I’ve been reading the book It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and I have the need to throw out some thoughts (although I’m not done quite done with reading the book yet). The reason why is because as I was reading this it struck me how similar we are to eating this way due to Jason’s diseases. We may be eating our own little version of Whole30. Well, not quite, but it’s pretty darn striking....more
Sounds interesting. I may try it. Thanks, Barbara Hughesmore

I've started CrossFit - at a proper Gym !

I started doing CrossFit and Tabata's at home in January.  I went really well...... for about a month.  Last week I decided I just couldn't keep up the motivation, or intensity by myself. It's been years since I went to a gym and my memories are of snobby people, exorbitant fees and feeling like a fish out of water.  I hated it with a passion and vowed never again.  ...more
I don't know why my picture keeps disappearing - I should probably read the instructionsmore

Jelly Belly Kelly

I was a fat kid. I got picked on, even by my own friends sometimes. But mostly from the boys, or the really skinny girls. I'm talking elementary and middle school KIDS. I was called "jelly belly kelly", "butterball", and any fat name a kid could think of. But I never really cared or let it get to me, or at least I thought... ...more

Can Yoga Solve All?

When it comes to personal wellness, it seems Yoga...more

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Summer

The soaring heat, shining sun and kids running free means summer is finally here! After a brutal winter for most of the nation, the long, warm sunny days are a welcomed change. So much so that most folks will be spending more time outside, celebrating, eating and having a grand old time. But it's easy to overdo it food wise and sun wise. I've compiled some simple tips that will help you survive, and still very much enjoy, summer! Make sure you wear sunscreen!!...more

10 Thing No One Tells You About Your Husband Losing 100+ Pounds

Recently, Christian Coleman posted an article on the Good Men Project on June 1, 2014 entitled “7 Things No One Tells You About Losing 100 Pounds.” While some of Coleman’s experiences are familiar, many are not. His views are those of a young man; where weight was lost via exercise and diet. Medical intervention was unnecessary and sweating was plentiful. Kudos to Coleman for his willingness to share his unique observations, thus far undetected by mass media and society in general. However, in my view, there is more to be said on this issue from a different perspective. ...more

Life After Weight Loss Surgery: Shopping Ain't Easy!

I recently went shopping with my boyfriend, looking for a few new items for the summer. The weather is finally getting better and I wanted to make sure I dress appropriately.  I looked at some skirts in The Gap, a store I’d never set foot into 5 years ago, and decided on a skirt and cargo pants. I held up the pants against my legs thinking, “My hips are wide, so I need to get the XXL”. I didn’t try them on because I hate fitting rooms, even though it’s absolutely essential that I try on new clothing because of vanity sizing....more
Great post!  I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum, having gained a lot of weight, but still ...more

As a Woman, I Want to Stay Hidden While Running

It's not cars that I worry about when I run before dawn....more
I call bullshit, too.  It's insane and a reality (rawr!) that we have to worry more about ...more