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Change the Way You Look at Carbs

Raise your hand if carbs stress you out!How many are too many? When should I eat them – before lunch? No carbs after 3pm? Only on odd days when it’s cloudy with a 30% chance of rain? Come on! We are giving carbs WAY too much credit.Check this out:...more
omnivores such as humans can survive medium-term on most anything considered food. food science ...more

A Healthier Life Equals A Better YOU!

We all know how imperative it is to stay well by eating healthier, thinking positively, meditating and exercising right? Well, if you didn't know than now you know. You can thank me later. Those 4 essential objectives play a huge role in how we feel, think and see ourselves and others as well as the world. If you are someone who doesn't do at least 2 or all of these things, then I 'am here to honestly tell you that your mind, body and soul are sadly missing out tremendously!...more

An Open Breakup Letter to Junk Food

Since becoming vegan, I have noticed there are several foods that are technically vegan but still unhealthy. These foods stand out much more against my quinoa and veggies and plant-based proteins. While I was able to phase out animal products over the last few months, it is now time to take it one step further. This is why I am publicly bidding farewell to the following vices:...more

Saying yes to the dress … and a healthier life

There is a tremendous amount of pressure on brides to lose weight for the big day. Flashbacks of crying in mall dressing rooms as a teenager came back to haunt me before I even tried on a single wedding dress, as I worried about what would fit or look “flattering” (every curvy girl’s LEAST favorite word in the dictionary)....more

The Reasons Why Cayenne Pepper Will Help You Shed Fat

By: Cindy G. Castillo Growing up, some of the things in my super long list of favorite snacks included Hot Cheetos, Takis, Churros Locos and pretty much anything with Tapatio and/or chamoy on top. ...more

Healthy Frosted Pumpkin Spice Latte (You May Start Drooling Now!)

My favorite thing about fall:PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!...more

10 Ways to Strength Train with a Pumpkin

It's officially the season of Halloween decorations, too much candy, and pumpkins! We all know I love celebrating a season or a holiday to the max, and October is one of my favorites thanks to the ever useful pumpkin. Last year I did a three-part workout series using pumpkins on a tennis court, and I thought it would be fun to revisit the workouts to combine them for one epic pumpkin strength workout. You will need at least one pumpkin or a heavy medicine ball to complete. (I'm pretty sure a pumpkin is easy to come by this time of year.) ...more
This is a fabulous idea! I can't wait to grab a pumpkin (instead of my usual dumb-bells) and try ...more

Good News for the Morbidly Obese

The Good News is that you really can lose weight.   Really.   You don’t have to spend money for a gym membership that will eventually just mean wasted money because you don’t go over three weeks.   You don’t have to go to Weight Watchers, or buy diet pills, or read yet another book.   So what do you have to do?   Accept the facts…....more