Workout Wednesday: Running Playlist

So obviously I talk about running a good bit, but people often ask me what I listen to when I’m running. I need music that is going to keep me going for a good bit and get my mind off of what I’m actually doing. So I created a playlist on Spotify (Spotify is not paying me to write this post) for my last half marathon and really loved the songs. So what do I listen to?Shakira – Hips Don’t LieShakira – Whenever, Wherever To get the rest of the list, visit: Xo,J...more

Do You Have To Be Motivated to Workout?

Sometimes when I post my workouts on Instagram I get comments such as “I wish I were as motivated as you to exercise”. Which totally shocks me because I don’t always feel that motivated to workout. Then I started thinking “do you have to be motivated to workout?”...more

Pregnancy, New Motherhood, and Fitness: It's Okay to Take a Break

Today let's talk a little bit about running and fitness during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and finding the time as a new mom. Even if you don't have kids or are past this point in your life, it's worth reading along anyway. I didn't run while I was pregnant. As you know from last week's post, running did not become my fitness first love or priority until a few years ago. I did however go to the gym five days a week for years and attempted to keep up that fitness routine while I was pregnant. ...more
Dr E  I think we all have to do what works for us and sometimes, we don't know what will work ...more

Healthy gym, conference + festival eating: here are all the resources you need

Friends! My brother + almost-sister-in-law tie the knot this week, so I’ll be largely away from the internet. If we’re buds on Instagram, though, we can “like” each other’s visual updates and laugh together about our adventures. Come say hi!...more

Juicing Ahead: Soulful Sunday

Hi beauties! Happy Sunday. My weekend was packed full of pure love and I wanted to end it with a bang. Each Sunday my closest girlfriends come to my home and we have “Soulful Sunday”. We pick a recipe we’ve never made before (jarred salads etc.) and we also juice. We drink wine, dance around to oldschool hip-hop, discuss fun things we learned over the week, and laugh our asses off....more

Homemade Detox Water

Hi loves! It’s day two of my yoga teacher training and I am on cloud nine. It’s also my second day without meat and my first official work-week in my new home. Life has given me a handful of big changes and I am accepting them with open arms. I am feeling extremely blessed and optimistic about life in general. It’s all very exciting....more

How I Lost 10lbs within 1 Month using Garden of Life

During my transition from meats, sugars, and starching foods I learned some interesting facts about herbs, fruits, veggies, and different sprouts. ...more

Weigh In and Diet Bet

I joined a great walking group on Facebook, WALKING Monthly Challenges (Walking My Way Back To Health), and some of the members are participating in a Diet Bet.  Diet Bet is actually a website.  So we all bet $25.00 that we could lose 4% of our body weight in four weeks.  So on Saturday, I took my first picture with my starting weight:...more

My FitBit

A Fitbit is a pedometer.  It measures how many steps I take a day.  It actually measures how many very active minutes I have as well. I want to get up to 10,000 steps a day, but I have to work up to that, especially since I have been very sedentary for the last couple of years.  My average steps have been about 1000 or so.  Not great. So my goal for the next two weeks is to log in about 7500 steps a day.  The Fitbit is so cool that it will actually light up and vibrate when I reach that goal.  Wish me luck!!!...more
Good luck - and I bet it really helps you get the number of steps you take up! I wrote a blog ...more