Balancing Family, Life, and Marathon Training

 Who knew that summer with a 3 year old would be so busy? As you know, Lil Man is our only child, and we are learning as we go. So I wasn't really prepared for the busy summer days, and I even ditched some of the programs that I had originally considered us doing. But we are having a blast at Hershey Park this year. And we are getting more than our money out of our season passes....more

I Log Every Single Thing I Eat. Here's Why.

I've gotten a lot of questions about how I maintain my weight and what kind of diet I follow, so today we're going to talk a little about logging food and how it works for me and might (or might not) work for you....more
Great job finding out what works for you! I'm maintaining a 50lb loss and I do it with IF, but ...more

The influence of siblings on your weight

My son is relatively fit. He gets plenty of fresh air and exercise (way more than I do), and he likes to show me his "big muscles." As parents, we are trying to reinforce the idea of staying healthy. We are slowly winning him over - not to the point of eating vegetables - but our son definitely requests that we run around outside, go swimming, ride bikes and do other activities that are really active. ...more

Honey? You serious?!

Let's open up with a Blake Shelton song...."You'll be my soft and sweetI'll be your strong and steadyYou'll be my glass of wineI'll be your shot of whiskeyYou'll be my sunny dayI'll be your shade treeYou'll be my honeysuckleI'll be your honey bee..."...more

How to speed up your metabolism quickly and safely: Benefits of dairy

Your goal: lose 20 pounds. And you feel as if you're doing everything right.You're dutifully dieting, substituting cottage cheese for breakfast and pushing away dreams of French toast. You take a baggie of carrot and celery sticks and a carton of plain yogurt to the office each day for lunch. You snack on more celery sticks and diet soda, and limit dinner to a skinless broiled chicken breast and a gigantic bowl of steamed broccoli without dressing....more

First Steps in Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they picture people sitting motionless, cross-legged on the floor, back straight with wrists gently resting on their knees; slow and steady breathing and perhaps a soft, audible “om” emanating from inside them. This condition of calmness is said to be able to quiet the storms of the mind, restore energies and connections with the universe and bring a sense of peace within. As attractive as the benefits of this kind of meditation are, I have never been a person who “sits still” very long or very well. Believe me, I’ve tried!...more

Salted Caramel Green Apple Smoothie

Salted Caramel Green Apple Smoothie  By Amy “Foodie” S | Craving Healthy, ...more

Summertime-Outdoor Workouts

I love to get my sweat on outside as much as anyone. There’s no better feeling than when those endorphins kick in when you’re working out at the track, around your neighborhood, on the tennis court.  What do you do when it’s July, the mercury is touching 100 degrees, and even the mere thought of eschewing your outdoor workout for a bout in the gym is completely unappealing?...more

More Wellness In My Life (Gym Update #11)

It's Friday once again and I'm talking about changes I'm making in my life towards more wellness. As you may have noticed, I changed the title of the post. I just think it's a more fitting title. After all, it's not just about going to the gym. It's not just about physical fitness, it's also about lifestyle changes or improvements. It's about overall wellness and how I'm working to achieve more of it in my life....more

Goodbye Milk: I’m Giving Up Dairy and Here’s Why

I've made the decision to join the ranks of those who have decided to give up dairy due to health reason. I know it sounds strange, yet with the research that I've done, it's one of the best decisions that I could make for myself and here's why. ...more
I actually have been trying almond milk lately after it was suggested that I try it. I'm loving ...more