Healthy Lifestyle in Your Senior Years

While you're savoring the newbie retirement life and anyway starting essential things you usually certainly never had an opportunity to perform in past times you may not be paying just as much attention to your intake of food. Everyone connects being on a diet to effectively shedding weight however as you get more aged you happen to be much more liable to increasing body mass considering the fact that your usual healthy lifestyle has changed....more

Big Butts...Big Lie?

There’s been this phenomenon happening on my Facebook page: sponsored posts that are essentially soft-porn disguised as “Fitness Inspiration”.  Most of these have to do with disembodied butts….plump, rounded, and implanted, these sweaty cheeks don’t seem to belong to any face…and yet purport to be encouraging me to be a strong, physically-fit woman. I have a problem with this....more

To Torque or Not to Torque

“To torque or not to torque; that is the question!”Apologies to Shakespeare, but I’m borrowing some Hamlet to tell you about a first for me: spin class....more

Want to fight childhood obesity? Start earlier than you think

My son is at that awkwardly perfect age where he is honest about other people's appearances. "Look, Mommy! That man is short," or "Why is that woman covered in wrinkles?" or "That person is fat!" have all been uttered by him at a decibel level usually reserved for jackhammers....more

Beauty: A Bold Bottom Line Crossed

NaBloPoMo Theme of the Day: Do you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Or do you think there is a basic standard of beauty that everyone agrees upon?...more

Million Mile Month; One State's Health Challenge

There are two things, like most Americans, that really pull at my heart strings. Kids and animals. Put either of those  in a distressed or life threatening situation, and out comes my super hero cape, because I would do just about anything to help.  ANYTHING!...more

Beat The Bloat

Do you feel bloated even though you think you are eating right? When you’ve been working out so hard and eating right, you want to see and feel the rewards. There are some days you just feel and look bloated, but your not quite sure why. We have done a little research for you, so that we can solve your problem. We found what you should avoid that causes you to bloat and what you should take to relieve this....more

10k Training Day 1 + GoUltima Giveaway

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsTo enter giveaway please visit: I put in an application to be an Annapolis ZOOMA Ambassador, I had no idea that I would be picked.I jumped for joy, ran around the house screaming and then came to the realization that it’s a 10k..and I have never ran a 10k before....more