Annual Dennis 5 Mile Road Race Recap

On Saturday, my mom and I ran the Dennis 5 Mile Road Race. I didn’t know anything about this race because they don’t have a website and I couldn’t find a course map on the internet.So for those of you wondering about this race...more

My Favorite Distance to Race

When you go on long runs for 3+ hours it leaves you a lot of time to think. On my long run on Sunday, I was thinking about my 5K this weekend, which was my first 5K, and I was trying to decide my favorite racing distance....more

Running Gear: What You Need

What do you really need to start running?...more

How Feeling Fat Makes You Steal

Love me or hate me, but I am here to tell you the truth about something that you probably don't want to admit: Each time you worry about how fat you look, you are withdrawing from the opportunity to play on your unique talents and passions. Mental blocks, self-doubt, timidity, indecision and buried creativity as a result of feeling "weighty" are embarrassing, but very, very real....more


Yoga is a very sensual experience.  Usually, our eyes help us a great deal - letting us know where we are in space, what's up with our alignment, who's going by the window... For a deeper experience, take your eyes out of the equation.  They are restless, always trying to gather information.  By letting them take a back seat, you are able to gather more input from the rest of your senses. ...more

100 Rep Workout

This workout will get your blood pumping. Heavy repetition helps tone and lengthen muscles. Give it a try! :)The PlanComplete 100 repetitions of each exercise listed below. 100 Flat Presses  for Chest100 Bicep Curls for Arms200 rotations of jumping rope1 minute rest100 Reverse Crunch for Abs100 Bicycles for Abs100 Deep Squats for Legs100 Hammer Presses for Shoulders...more

Strength Training for Beginners

Today, I overheard two ladies in the locker room post-workout. They were discussing strength training, and their desire to begin lifting weights. The ladies said that they did not feel that cardio was enough, and I have to say, I agree with that perspective....more

What Fresh Produce is In Season for August?

What are the Health Benefits of August's In Season produce? Consult this chart, then vote for your favourite at!...more

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

This week I received this picture from a client with their freshly prepped meal....more
@Karen Ballum That's exactly what I did! Roasted them with olive oil, and mushrooms and ...more

Love your body because one size does not fit all!

  love your self  ...more
@Miss Pancakes Thank you for taking time to read it!more