How I began this incredible journey.

In November of 2012, I believe I lost out on a job that I really wanted due to my weight.  At this time, I began to realize that my weight was starting to interfere with my life and happiness.  I started to bring my lunch to work so I would not stop off at a fast food restaurant while starving.  I cut back on eating once I was home and started eating breakfast.  Eating breakfast was very hard for me to do as I was not a breakfast person.  I would drink coffee with creamer and sugar and think I had eaten breakfast.  I did manage to lose a few pounds, but my moti...more

Overweight Teens | How Best To Talk About the Weight

It's not easy to lose weight. It seems even harder to talk about it. Even though it's everywhere on TV, even though there is a crisis in America, there is still a social stigma about weight. Now, imagine being an overweight teen today. It's even harder than before. Facebook & Twitter have made online bullying easier than before. More of our children are overweight than before....more

6 Ways I get to eat what I want

 In case you didn’t know, fit folks are often just as weak as unfit folks. The big difference is that, although we lapse, we don’t really relapse, as in stay lapsed permanently....more

Juice Fast Day #3

By: Wendy Castellanos-WolfBreakfast ...more

Barefootin" ...more

Three Pounds From a Healthy BMI

Three pounds from a healthy BMI doesn't sound like much at all, but it is. I'm not really going to do the yee-haw dance till I actually get there which could be in two weeks or in two months, but at some point I'm pretty certain I will be there. This entire healthy eating thing has been pretty mind-shifting for me. I've been eating as much as I want and I haven't been exercising which all sounds like some great front page news for the new fad diet, but honestly - my body is so much happier without grains, dairy or sugars. Last week I caught a nasty little cold....more
You'll get there. Your attitude ROCKS.more

Juice Fast Day #2

By: Wendy Castellanos-WolfBreakfast...more

Juice Fast Day #1

By: Wendy Castellanos-WolfBreakfast...more

Breakfast Quinoa with Blueberry sauce

Breakfast Quinoa with Blueberry sauce...more

I quit sugar: A reprise.

A number of months ago, I declared that I had quit sugarand all things sweet, and I think it’s time for an update....more