Research links cholesterol levels and Alzheimer's

Are you really surprised by this? It's like "the hip bone is connected to the leg bone" song but on a microscopic scale.A new study is the first of its kind because it looked at living humans, not autopsy patients. The researchers found that too much bad cholesterol (LDL) or too little good cholesterol (HDL) appear to increase the levels of amyloid that contributes to Alzheimer's....more

The Zumba Diaries

The Zumba diariesby Deborah Brautman, LMFT...more

Curing the Holiday Hangover

This year, I am trying a new approach to my overall health and wellness. I want to treat my entire body better- by eating healthier, sleeping more, relieving stress, and working out! It seems like a daunting task and may be a bit vague, but it's better than just..."I want to be healthier in 2014", yeaa how many people are saying that. Most importantly I want to become healthier in a sustainable and realistic way. Although I am starting with a detox, the overall meal plan will be easy to follow the entire year....more

What are the Health Benefits of January's Fresh Produce?

     Inflammation and free radicals don’t stand a chance against the fresh produce available for January. The month’s best fruits and vegetables help right down to the most basic of the body’s building blocks.To read more, and vote for your favourite, please visit

Results of the 10-Day Low Carb Challenge

Well guys, we somehow managed to survive the 10-Day Low Carb Challenge....more

The 10 Day Low-Carb Challenge

  Ok guys, I have to be honest here.  Thanksgiving got me seriously off the weight loss track, like up 3-4 lbs off track.  I’m still doing great, and have made lots of progress since July and even since my last post on weight gain.  But with a Christmas Party coming up, I want to really get the diet thing down for 10 days straight.  Yep, you read that right.  I want to go...more

Babies, Degrees, And Weight Gain

I had four babies in a little over four years.  Suffice it to say, that by the time Mr. M arrived, my body was wrecked.  I mean, stretch marks/35 lbs. over weight/joint issues/things your don’t want to know about kind of wrecked.  I am definitely NOT one of those women who fits in her pre-pregnancy jeans right way....more

New Year's Resolutions vs. Real Transformation

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore....more

2013 Has Come To An End & 2014 Will Be Epic!!!

Today is the absolute last day of 2013.   As I write this post and reflect on the highlights and lowlights of 2013, I have a lot for which to be thankful....more

I'm in the February 2014 Woman's Day Magazine!!

Mark your calendars.  Grab the February 2014 issue of Woman's Day Magazine from news stands beginning January 14th.  The ladies of the ...more
Thank you.  I'm extremely excited about the feature.more