10 Wacky Weight Loss Tips That Work

Recently I was talking to my sister on the phone about my frustration at gaining back all the weight I had lost two years ago. She, who has always been slender and athletic, said to me, “All you have to do is…” and then launched into a lecture about portion sizes, 30 minutes per day of exercise, and “choose this, not that.”  As I listened to her, I grew more and more resentful. I know she was trying to help, but what she doesn’t understand is that often times obese people know just as much about fitness and nutrition as those who don’t struggle with weight issues. ...more
I'm definitely going to try the black beans and brownie mix, that sounds insane. On #8 you ...more

DietBet Update #4: Days 9-11

So far things are still going really well and I'm actually enjoying this whole journey! It's really motivating being a part of this DietBet rather than just trying to stick to my goals on my own....more

7 Easy Ways to Become a Healthier You!

From experience I know that tackling your eating habits can be the hardest part about leading a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you just can't ditch that craving for oreos or you genuinely hate fruit. I know for me it has certainly been a long process. I used to hate fruits and vegetables. Okay, okay I admit I was against anything considered "healthy"....more

My Whole30 Diary: Day 28 recap.

DAY 28 THOUGHTS:...more

Taking my Body Back: The Beginning, Part 1

All my life, I have always been in awe of the human body.  Its ability to heal from disease, the way it communicates to us that something is wrong, how much the mental and physical are connected.  Having grown up with parents in the medical field, I was even more in tune to things.  Stories ran rampant at the dinner table, and at a young age I knew what it meant to defibrillate a patient, or what type of drug to administer to someone who has Od’d on heroin.  I was also raised in a household where there was always an emphasis on nutrition – no sugar cereals, no sodas, not...more

Health Salad: a Roundup of Health News

In the past two days, I've bookmarked a lot of interesting health-related articles.  They run the gamut from the brain to weight to cancer... in other words, a holistic health salad looking at all parts of the human body. ...more
I could only hear the first one, so I'm not dead anyway!more

Connect and Relax with Yoga

You know that great feeling you have after a good practice - the one where you feel like you are a part of everything, totally connected to the world around you? Ah, yes, that's a beautiful feeling :-)  Try the following exercise to connect one-on-one at a deeper level. Grab a partner and sit back to back so you are supporting one another.  Deepen your breath. Tune into each other and begin to feel one another's breath as it moves their back (and maybe even your's).  Begin to sync your breath with your partner's.  Stay here and breath as one....more