Shh, Little Voice!

This weekend I have the great fortune to be spending some girl time in Palm Springs with some of my brilliant and fabulous friends. We’re going to lounge around a pool in 90 degree weather, drink cocktails, and read trashy novels. Sounds great, right?  I am so excited!That is…until I think about spending most of that time hanging around a pool in my bathing suit. That skimpy piece of clothing that took way too many hours of my life to find. That tiny garment that requires I contort myself to shave in all the necessary places.  Ugh. Are you kidding me?...more

Cancer Does Not Discriminate

We did everything ‘right’ with our son Jack....more

Compete vs. Complete [And Some Happy-Haps!]

As I was making plans to move up here from San Antonio, I registered for a couple of races.  One was, for all intensive purposes, a sprint-oly triathlon (750m swim, 14.4 mile bike, 4.5 mile run) about a month after I had arrived.  Well, I explained about my *umph* and training last week and how it has considerably dwindled (especially swimming) since I moved here to Chicago, but I can't lie...I knew I'd be fine going into the race.  However, I struggled with the idea of *completing* rather than *competing* several times; I think even lost sleep over it....more

Counteracting the Effects of the Modern Lifestyle

There's no arguing that we, as humans, are more sedentary than ever. We sit in front of the computer, the tv, the tablet, in the car, on the subway, at work, at school... and many tasks that were previously hard work have been automated for us.Simply stated, you sit too much!...more

My Moral Development and My Body

Prepare dinner for my child or go hang out at the coffee shop with friends?  Leave the kids home alone while napping or stay put even though I really want to pick up a couple items from the store?  Give my kids a few pounds of junk food so they'll leave me alone or sit down and read a book together?  Wake up when my children are sick in the middle of the night and care for them or holler at them that they are keeping me awake and to knock it off?  ...more
@Linda Anselmi Thank goodness I'm so perfectly human!more

Paleo Buns


Finding Time For What Is Important

The one reason I hear from people for not starting, and keeping, an exercise routine is that they're "too busy".While I certainly sympathise, it's just not true....more

Why You Need to Make A Workout Schedule

Getting ready to go do my workout(s) for the day.I checked my schedule, and today is a Run + P90X2 Yoga. I actually forgot about the Yoga part when I woke up, so it's a good thing I keep (and check!) my schedule.Although I have already completed an entire 90 days of P90X, and now am doing a self-devised hybrid version, I've found that the worksheets they provide are very motivating for me....more

5 Ways To Use Nature For Exercise

We are all disconnected from nature in a big way. We sit in our cubicles and stare at our computer screens for 8-12 hours a day without looking at a tree, rabbit, lake, squirrel or any other living thing. For most people, transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to one of exercise is practically impossible. They just can’t find the motivation and it seems like one more thing they have to check off their long to-do list....more