WooHoo Way To Go Girl!!!

Can I get a BIG round of applause for Lynda?? This is Lynda....more

5 signs that you are toxic

5 signs you're toxic (and what to do about it)You can spend thousands of dollars on pricey medical tests to determine if you're overrun with toxic compounds. Or, you can take a moment to listen to your body, looking for clues that could signal a bodily invasion of toxic chemicals, stress and destructive foods....more

Safety Rules for Running at Night

Tonight we had 10k Training Day 2: Hills. Or shall I say hill. When I left, the view was quite stunning. There was fog that surrounding the streets, and it illuminated the snow beautifully. ...more
I would say I like to run in the dark.  There's no glare from the sun and typically the traffic ...more

A Healthy 'Shamrock Shake'

For those of you who love being festive with your food as much as I do, here is a fun little smoothie you can whip up in the morning to show off some Irish pride!...more

50 Tangible Ways to Practice Self Love

  I’ve gotten requests from a lot of women who have said, okay, I’m working on thinking more positively, but I’d love to have more tangible ways to practice self-love right now. I get that. ...more

Calorie Killer Yoga with Colleen Saidman

Jennifer Vido...more