Making Waves

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Bloated Fish & Fred Flintstone Feet

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“Sport teams provide training in skills we need in the game of life”: Anita L. DeFrantz, U.S. Olympian

To mark Olympic Day, which commemorates the birth of the modern Olympic Games on 23 June 1894, UN Women speaks with Anita L. DeFrantz, U.S. Olympic medalist, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Chair of the IOC Women and Sport Commission. ...more

A Peek into my Pantry: Kimchi

This week a friend of mine asked which probiotics make good recommendations. Check out my "Wendie’s 10" page for  other items you should always have on hand at home. Probiotics are living organisms that promote the growth of healthy, beneficial bacteria in our gut. They help build up our immune system, and help to maintain regularity. They are most commonly found in yogurts or in pill form, but I thought of another great recommendation: Kimchi....more

Simple Truth. The importance of Hydration. A MUST READ!

I read this article on Simple I HAD TO SHARE.!!!The Importance of Hydration...more

Why James Gandolfini's death scares me

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These are perfect for those hot summer days, and you don't want to feed your children a bunch of sugar, artificle sugar to be clear. These refreshing healthy fruit pops will have your kids, wanting more...and you won't have to worry ....THEY CAN HAVE MORE!! Check out the bottom of this article for fruit ice cube trays perfect with the spa water you are drinking.!! Homemade Fruit PopsiclesIngredients:2 cups of  Yogurt  ...more

Working Out While Pregnant

The first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I worked out normally, just removing abs from my regime. And then I got sick. Really sick. And tired. Once I started treating my chronic sickness with Zofran, I was able to jump back into a regular (ish) routine. 4 workouts a week- cardio, back/triceps, shoulders/biceps, and legs. ...more

The One After a Race

I did it!  I finished my very first race!...more

Fast Forward

So up until now, I've been telling you all about the beginnings of my family's journey into a more simplified lifestyle, starting with food. If this is your first time visiting this blog, I encourage you to go back and read what led us here. 1. The Simple Life 2. The Food Awakening...more