10 Thing No One Tells You About Your Husband Losing 100+ Pounds

Recently, Christian Coleman posted an article on the Good Men Project on June 1, 2014 entitled “7 Things No One Tells You About Losing 100 Pounds.” While some of Coleman’s experiences are familiar, many are not. His views are those of a young man; where weight was lost via exercise and diet. Medical intervention was unnecessary and sweating was plentiful. Kudos to Coleman for his willingness to share his unique observations, thus far undetected by mass media and society in general. However, in my view, there is more to be said on this issue from a different perspective. ...more

Life After Weight Loss Surgery: Shopping Ain't Easy!

I recently went shopping with my boyfriend, looking for a few new items for the summer. The weather is finally getting better and I wanted to make sure I dress appropriately.  I looked at some skirts in The Gap, a store I’d never set foot into 5 years ago, and decided on a skirt and cargo pants. I held up the pants against my legs thinking, “My hips are wide, so I need to get the XXL”. I didn’t try them on because I hate fitting rooms, even though it’s absolutely essential that I try on new clothing because of vanity sizing....more
Great post!  I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum, having gained a lot of weight, but still ...more

As a Woman, I Want to Stay Hidden While Running

It's not cars that I worry about when I run before dawn....more
I call bullshit, too.  It's insane and a reality (rawr!) that we have to worry more about ...more

Supplements: All my questions answered by a Registered Dietitian!

Ever wonder which supplements you should take? Are they even healthy and safe? Is there a need or benefit for protien powder or crazy cleanses in your life? I sure did! So I was so excited when Elizabeth Somer, a Nutritionist, Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Alert!, public speaker, and author of a variety of books including The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals and Eat Your Way to Sexy, offered to answer some of my questions!...more

Workout Wednesday: Running Reflection

Workout Wednesday: Running Reflection Almost a year ago...on June 3, 2013 I decided to start training for a 15K. If you've read any of  my posts on running, you know that I had never run before this date. I actually hated running, made fun of it and said I had no interest in it....more

In-Season Produce Throughout The Year

It has now been a full year since I began posting monthly in-season produce infographics, with their nutritional and health benefits described. They started out very simple last June, and became much more elaborate as time went on. So you’ll see the style change a bit when looking through them all.These images have been passed around Pinterest and Facebook like wildfire, and have been incredibly popular with you guys. So I have decided to put them all on one page  to bookmark for your year-round convenience. You may find them below.Enjoy!...more

Jump for Stronger Bones

Stress may sound like a bad thing when it comes to our health, but when it comes to our bone health, stress is a good thing.  Our bones are living tissue and they adapt when stressed, which is good for them. New research indicates that most people don't put the stress on their bones needed to stay healthy. Brisk walking simply isn't enough to have the impact our bones need....more

8 signs you’re addicted to food

 I learned how to count calories when I was 11 years old. But that didn’t seem to stop me from polishing off a pack of chocolate coins back then. Or that big birthday cake followed by a pint of ice cream that nearly sent me to hospital.My sister told me that I needed to work on my willpower. I guess that’s something I lacked. Even today.  I’ve lost and gained a thousand pounds since then. For the most part of my teenage years, I felt out of control and yet deprived, undeserving of anything good.  ...more
Alejandra_Alex_Ruani ClaireV.Sanders I think my list is so long, it will prob take years!!  I ...more