Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 Pounds D & D10

“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” - Zig ZiglarDay 9:  I ate like crap.  I wasn't feeling well.  My sleep deprivation caught up with me.  I came home from work, put my daughter to bed and then I went to bed.  Yesterday I needed a break.  I was a grouch.  I had to let just this day go without staying up to exercise/blog....more

The Coolness of Mad Cool Fitness

On Tuesday, January 14th, I had the fantastic opportunity to get a great cardio workout with Jennifer Turner, the founder of Mad...more

Need Help Deciding?

Many people today believe that because they are eating a salad with whole wheat rice, chicken and an apple as a snack that they are receiving all their daily nutrients. Are they really though? The question has been debated for years and although we highly endorse eating healthy foods like these, we also believe it is important to take a multivitamin as an additional source of nutritional support. Here are a few reasons of why a multivitamin is necessary, for even the healthiest eaters!...more

Pull-up Program: Week 8 update - Small Victories

I finished week 8 on Friday and I'm really happy with the progress I've made on the pull-up while doing this program.  Not just because I've seen actual improvements in my quest for the pull-up, but also because I've managed to stay with the program despite holidays, stress, more holidays.......more

Success! I made a healthy dinner and my husband actually liked it.

Tonight's dinner was baked pasta.  But not any old baked pasta.  It was whole wheat penne with part skim ricotta, spinach, tomato sauce and Veggie Shreds (a great lactose free cheese substitute made from rice).  Whenever I make something healthier and try to make sneaky substitutions I wait until my husband has started eating it before I let him know what I actually put in it. He really liked it.  He thought it was great.  He couldn't believe that there was "fake" cheese in it. ...more

One Step at a Time

Since I had my daughter Grace, I've been wanting to get back into shape. My attempts at better health and fitness began this past spring with walking in my neighborhood as I pushed the double stroller. I discovered that I enjoyed the walks and set goals to push myself further, including participation in 5Ks....more

Best Earbuds? Zipbuds!

Do you ever get tired of having to untangle the wires on your headphones? Well, join the club.  But now there is a GREAT new set that has the wires encased inside a tangle-proof zip cord/cable....more

Ways to Workout at Home Easily and Stay Healthy!

Ways to workout at home easily and stay healthy can be inexpensive and effective! All you need is the desire to do it and the will power to keep going once you start. What I'm suggesting here, is so easy and convenient that it may just be easier than you think possible!...more

Day 4 and Beast Mode

Day 4 and going great. Yes, im starting a blog 4 days after the challenge started. It's cool guys. This is how I do things....more

Victory! I Didn't Gain an Ounce During Holiday Break with 6 Tricks

Every Christmas season do you promise myself you won't fall off healthy eating and fail? How can you not? With Thanksgiving dinner (for us Americans), holiday parties, Christmas feasts and then holiday vacations, it's enough to make me want to throw my hands up and declare, "I give up!" Which is exactly what I did this year and didn't gain an ounce....more