Gym Update #2

This week, we've all settled into a routine. After dinner, there's a little time for us all to hang out before Baby Boy and I head to the gym. Hun has noted the time for me and even asked if I were going this week. I know Baby Boy going with me to the gym helps Hun to get a few things done while we're gone, but his asking is supportive to me. Hun also does the dishes each night, without my asking, as a way to help and provide support for me working out again....more

Drum Roll Beginning

The drum roll is beginning inside my head.  It's a long drum roll though - possibly lasting into tomorrow!  No, I'll get it figured out right here and now....Goals.  Blech.  I got through my crazy bad mood of yesterday.  Sometime around dinner, I felt it lifting off my head.  Today has been far better, but I still feel heavy headed and tired so, while I'm getting things done and feeling more pleasant and hopeful, I'm not brimming with energy.Tomorrow I shall get back on track.  And the goals are:...more

Erin's Daily Eats Day 7

Hey there everyone, Yesterday was a great day. It doesn't hurt that on the zig zag 7 day calorie cycle yesterday was a large calorie day. Yaya! ...more

Eating Disorder Battle for Control

Robin's view I was speaking to a new friend lately about my journey to have Weight Loss Surgery and how I struggled with Binge Eating disorder. Why does everyone think they know the answers? ...more

'True Blood' stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin bite into healthy diets

When it comes to maintaining healthy lifestyles, there's nothing nightmarish about the diets of "True Blood" stars and spouses Stephen Moyer and Anna Paqu...more

Finish your Mother's Day Shopping - It's Your Only Freakin' Option - Last Minute Gift Ideas for Marathon Moms

If you are one of the American affluent who own a calendar, TV or Internet service, you can see that it is fast approaching.  Mother's Day will be here in a few days so that means the kiddos need to make or buy Mom a present pronto and Dad needs to do the same as an apology for making her a mom in the first place and ruining all her fun.  And if your mom is an active type or runner and you're wondering what to get her for her special day fortunately I’m a Mom of the same variety so I can help....more

Dr. Oz: Lower cholesterol, avoid diabetes, boost metabolism with 3 unique probiotics

You take your car for tune-up. Wouldn't it be nice if you could treat your body to a tune-up that boosts your metabolism, reduces cholesterol and helps you avoid diabetes? Dr....more

Erin's Daily Eats Day 6

Hey there everyone, I'm just going to do a quick run through of what I ate yesterday. Nothing very special but I was under my calorie goal so that's great. ...more

reality bites: when a training run hurts your feelings

I am 3 days into the 21 Day Fix and feeling incredible. Although I know I shouldn't be weighing myself, I did. I am down 2 lbs and am seeing minor changes in major places. That's amazing progress for 3 days worth of work.I was feeling so inspired this afternoon that it didn't occur to me I might have a hard time during my first training run in ages. I laced up my shoes, put on my watch, turned on my music, grabbed my phone and headed out the door to smash 2 uphill miles....more