Can You Guess the Best Scent for Weight Loss?

That's right, it's Olive Oil.  In addition to all the wonderful things we already know about olive oil, it now seems a German study has found when people ate food previously infused with the scent of olive oil they ate fewer calories, had lower glucose levels, and had higher serotonin levels than the study's control group....more

The Privacy of Personal Training Montclair NJ: It May Be for You as It Was for Me

Find out why personal training Montclair NJ turned out to be preferable to group or gym sessions for one would-be weight-loser.  And what started him on his journey to fitness was just a musty closet and a pair of pants....more

That Marathon Really Took A Toll On Me Emotionally

I'm in a funk. And I haven't been like this.. well... I don't think ever. When I moved from MS to PA, I got depressed and stopped running. But when I ran in MS, running was very different for me. I met my best friend most mornings out of the week, and we would run/talk. It was great. She was by far the better runner....more

My Apple Trick Will Help You to Not Overeat at Thanksgiving

I read about a different way to eat an apple on my friend's blog.  Soon after, The Atlantic also covered this idea of eating from the bottom up rather than around the side.  Doing so creates less waste.  According to their article, "we are all wasting 30 percent of our apples at $1.30 per pound, that's about $42 wasted per person per year—which is $13.2 billion annually, thrown in the trash." ...more
I like to overeat on thanksgiving.more

Ballet Beautiful; Dancing towards strength.

Uncovering the Ballerina in all of us!How many of us have at least a little ballet in our past? I for one, spent much of my youth practicing arabesques, splits and jette's and for that period of my life at least,  I was buff. Well buff for an eleven year old anyway! ...more

Great Advice from Cardiologists

BE HEART SMART - Here's great advise from Cardiologists on how to live healthier and possibly even longer....more

How Do You Explain "Thigh Gap" To Your Mother When You Don't Understand It Yourself?

Recently, in my quest to be healthy without succumbing to body image issues or falling into the trap of unrealistic beauty standards, I found myself at the gym with my mother. Not our usual routine, but whatever. As we’re changing in the health club locker room, she looks into her bag and complains that she’s brought the wrong pair of workout pants. “I hate these,” she says, pulling them on anyway. “Here, can you tell that they’re basically just leggings?” ...more
My daughter noticed I had a thigh gap and she didn't. I told her don't worry you are still ...more

Getting Started On Your Health and Fitness Goals

Forget about all the other people who have already been successful in their fitness journey. Forget about all the other moms who effortlessly lost their baby weight. Their story is not yours. You are about to go on your own journey....more

Help Kids Keep Weight Off Early in Life

Help your kids stay healthy by keeping weight off early in life.  Here are a few tips that might help with their well-being, both physically and mentally:...more

Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

Did you know that the number of Americans predicted to get Alzheimer's is reported to TRIPLE in the next 40 years? Wow. Here are a few ways experts suggest to keep your mind sharp as you age:...more