To be or not to be....

To be or not to be a victim of societal pressures. I decided I will BE and unfortunatley that means I need to defy nature and venture all the way to Tijuana Mexico for some plastic surgery. The decision is based purely on finances and time...okay and DIET. I choose to eat real food and at the same time I want to look physically fit so a girl has to do what a girl has to do. When I finally made the decision to go I was met with alot of resistance from family and friends....more

Club Chaos: A Nightclub with a Fitness Twist

Mood lighting flashing greens, pinks and blues, the "thump, thump" of the bass as a DJ spins everything from LMFAO to MJ, scantily clad go-go dancers, shots and champagne — it’s just another Saturday night scene at Buckhead’s Club Chaos.But did I mention that the shots are of fresh juice?...more


This week has been good for painting.  I finished the oranges, Enchantment, inspired by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' Cross Creek: Enchantment lies in different things for each of us....more

Step away from the cake! 9 triggers of emotional eating + how to overcome them

It's 7pm. You just got home from work and you sit down in front of the TV and inhale an entire family sized block of chocolate. You didn't want to. You berate yourself afterwards. But the next day it happens again and it's really starting to p*ss you off. And now you believe your problem is with food....more

How HCG Changed My Mind

HCG to the rescueOver the past several years (after my second child) I began having trouble with my weight.  No matter what I did to lose it, it didn't work.  I tried everything  in the book over the counter that swore was the best product around with no success.That was until I heard about HCG.I've heard about the stuff awhile back, but what I heard frightened me in two ways....more

2013 Running Goals: Progress Update

Can you believe that it's already middle-March?!  A quarter of 2013 is almost behind us!  Seeing that I've set myself exactly four running related goals for the year, I thought that this would be the ideal time to give you an update on how things are going:...more
@JennaHatfield That's SO exciting - good luck with your first half!!  Sounds like your training ...more

Forbidden Edamame Cakes with Roasted Carrot Miso Puree + Quick Pickled Radishes

Sometimes I wonder when and how “healthy” food got such a bad rap? People’s preconceived notion that healthy is not tasty, and vice versa, motivates me to create recipes that are drool worthy and nutrient dense. As a Registered Dietitian, I also think it is important to be able to understand food, how to cook and prepare it, and how to help people eat better whether it’s with a food allergy, health condition, or cultural practice. Ultimately, this is my goal with sharing my recipes on my blog.  Today’s post is extra special as it’s Registered Dietitian Day!...more

Loving Myself Through Running

 Step, step, breathe. Step, step, breathe. If you had told me 8 years ago that I wouldn't be able to go more than a week without getting in a good run, I would've laughed in your face. Running was reserved for organized sports, or for frantically trying to catch the train and failing during rush hour. If I didn't have to get from point A to point B, then why bother? Nike running app voice:
@Karen Ballum thats the only downside to long solo runs - there's no one there to celebrate with ...more

Will the Soda Ban help or hurt?

As many of you know, New York City passed a ban last year on the sale of large sized sugary- drinks at most restaurant and food outlets. The ban is not suppose to come into effect until March, and the Health Department is giving businesses a three month grace period until they start fining for the sale of any non-alcoholic, sugar sweetened drinks in cups larger than 16-oz....more

My life as a pudgy woman

I have a confession to make.I am plump.I am okay with it....more