Yoga Life Lesson: How To Push Yourself Just Enough

Recently, I was struggling through an intermediate level yoga class. We were working on some insane pose – flying pigeon, perhaps – and the instructor told us to find the place in between pushing really hard – like working really hard for it and trying to be a tough customer – and the place of sinking into the pose and sort of surrendering to it. I think she said a word to describe what this place is, but I can’t remember it. Nevertheless, the idea that there was such a place and that one might choose to rest in it, breathe into it without ferocious effort or sitting back on one’s laurels, that was a revelation. ...more
@Laine Griffin You're welcome! I need to practice, too.  It's changed the way I go through my ...more

When I Fall, Oh I Fall

Frankly, it's fun to fall off the wagon.  Once you biff it, then it's like a free ticket to actively biff it - no more of that mistakingly biff it.  I just go to town.  Sighing, but even in my going "to town" I still wasn't really that horrendous.  The day is almost done and my teeth are brushed and I'm a little bummed out that I didn't manage to fit something more bad into me.  I've missed my chance!...more
OK, everybody, I posted info on EFT, in case you're interested. Try it, you'll like it. ...more

Jump Start Health Goals with a Nutritionist, Dietitian, or Fitness App

Getting advice from a food expert, either a nutritionist, dietitian, or for a lower cost a food app may help jump start your healthy eating habits and lead you to reach your weight goals....more

10 Things Moms Should Never Say To Their Daughters

*Full version of this post here. ...more

Crazy Is...

What to say? It seems like there are so many things to say and yet, here I sit, contemplating the right words to string together to make a coherent thought. It has been 9 days since I last took my anti-depressant. I have received 3 compliments today on my renewed sense of focus, drive, and direction. That makes me happy. ...more

Trader Joe's Wild Salmon Jerky

Hmmm…..would you eat this? I did. ...more

Gestational diabetes and weight loss

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 24 weeks.  It was a surprise. My third pregnancy and this time I have GD??? I did the diet for 2 weeks but my doctor didn't like the fasting numbers I was getting. My body wasn't doing what it needed to overnight. So i went on a little white pill. Combined with my diet it seems to be doing the trick. ...more

Making Oven Bacon

I hope I'm not the last one to know about this.That silly ole' Pinterest. Everyday I find new creative things to do. Lotsa hot tips to make my life more efficient. Trouble is, I think what I find is so innovative, I must be the first one to have discovered it. The fact that I'm finding it it in a write up on Pinterest does not interfere with my feeling of discovery....more
@FatCat Yes! I think that would work just fine. If you like bacon, FatKItty, this will be a ...more

A Tale of Two Ponytail Moms

Every mom experiences that moment when you look in the mirror and, for better or worse, you don't recognize yourself anymore. It looks different on everyone - but when it happens, you know. Here are two mom's points of view on turning into ponytail moms:Shabby, Yet ChicBy: Amynah...more