I Ran 40 Miles Last Month, and I Still Don't Believe in Myself

I want to get in shape like crazy. I want my figure back: I want my waist back, and I want my thighs back. I want to be able to run without being in pain. I want there to be actual, strong muscles in my legs. I want to be able to wear a sleeveless dress without marveling at the girth of my arms. I am so insanely frustrated, I could cry. ...more

National Weight Control Registry reveals secrets to successful weight loss and maintenance

What really works for weight loss - and how do you keep off the pounds once you've reached your goal? There's a treasure chest of answers in the data provided by the National Weight Control Registry. Those winning losers whose success stories are listed in the registry have maintained an average weight loss of 70 pounds for six years. Now an expert is sharing what really works based on that data. And the answer might surprise you....more

Gluten Free Cult Finally Cracked: Bread is Back

 The Cult of Gluten has finally been revealed to worship false prophets… for profits. Let’s deal with one prophet at a time....more

Don't become a slave to sugar addiction

I know, I get it, you don’t have time for breakfast. You feed your cat, your kids or your goldfish first, then before you know it, it’s time to go, and feeding yourself fails to happen, again. So by 10 o’clock you’re starving and off to the nearest Starbucks for a not-so-good-for–you morning fix. Well guess what, Sugar? You have to plan ahead to stay ahead, so read on to empower yourself to get started. ...more

Survey Says... Family is the #1 Answer!

I got a text the other day..."Guess who is on?"...more

Dr. Oz praises gluten-free diets for weight loss and health: Celiac and gluten intolerance defined

Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular, with consumers declaring war on wheat for reason ranging from weight loss to sensitivity to celiac disease. Not everyone understands what those terms mean, however. Dr. Mehmet Oz and his colleague Dr....more
You are a perfect example of why the gluten fad has taken off. Selling straight up lies as fact ...more

The Most Important Thing You Need in Order to Get Healthy

I've been on this bandwagon for years: trying to get healthy, amping up my exercise, clean eating, Weight Watchers, cleanses, fasts, even the Cabbage Soup Diet of the '90s. Yet, all of my attempts have always been somewhat short-lived. ...more
ahundredaffections Dr. Ellen Albertson My pleasure. The key is to focus on wellness, not weight ...more

Gym Update #3

First, a confession. I ended up not going to the gym last Friday. I was incredibly exhausted and was a bit wishy-washy about going. In the end, I didn't go, citing my pure exhaustion. Then, on Monday, I didn't go either. I did intend to go, but because I'd been hacked (post coming soon), a bank trip was necessary. Once that was over and dinner was eaten, I just didn't go. The timing was off....more

Erin's Daily eats Day 13 - 14

Hey there everyone, I'm gonna get tight down to business here today. Erin's Daily Eats Day 13 - 14 Tuesday May 13 ...more