Simple Fitness Band Workouts To Strengthen Your Body

Are you interested in finding new exercise sessions using resistance rings that are fitness? The only thing I really like about latex bands is their versatility that is astonishing. You can essentially produce countless routines that are new for any muscle it is possible to think of.Here are 2 simple routines which is often achieved using resistance rings that are fitness.The bottom stretch - It is an interesting routine for the butt muscles....more

5 Ways to Kick Those Excuses to the Curb

Today, I almost didn’t go for a run because I was having a great hair day.  I’m not kidding. In my defense, my hair usually looks crazy and disheveled. Not today though. I must have stumbled upon the perfect humidity to hair product ratio. It was good. I actually thought “Wow. I should take a selfie.” I didn’t, but I thought about it....more

How I Narrowed My Diastasis Recti

I’ve written about how you don’t need to close a diastasis recti, about some of the bad advice I’ve received, and about the preponderance of anecdote, yet the dearth of evidence. ...more

A Healthy Spread in Your Dairy Case!

Here is a nice treat that  you will now find in the dairy case of many grocery stores. They are not to be confused with UNHEALTHY spreads that fall into the category of margarines.  Margarines are extremely unhealthy and made with polyunsaturated oils and trans fat.  Margarines  should be avoided like the plague!  If you are not in the mood for butter (which IS a healthy fat), these spreads are a healthy and awesome tasting alternative.Here is their website:

Do You Have Mommy Running Guilt?

About a year ago, I started distance running. I'm preparing to train for my third half-marathon, and once again, I'm feeling a bit ... guilty....more
Kimba90 Yes, husbands are important, too. :)more

Never leave home without it and Sunday runday

Every runner has something that they cannot leave the house without before a run. Watch,  headphones, lucky pair of socks, whatever it is your run is not the same without your special item(s). My items are vaseline and my phone. ...more

Getting back on track

How to get back on track when you fall of the fitness wagon can be very hard sometimes. 1) First and most important, DO NOT BREAK THE HABIT in the first place lol. Just do it! Once you break the habit for a few days, its hard to get back into it, so dont break it!!!!...more

3 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Weight Training

One of the main reasons why weight training has recently become a preferred exercise choice amongst women is simply because it is a powerful confidence booster. When you lift weights you are building and toning muscle, which in turn fortifies the bone structure, ligaments and tendons. However, it has become a symbol of female fearlessness....more
Meredith at Motherfigure I absolutely agree! The body has gone thorugh very strong changes and ...more

Exercise my Demons

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