8 Simple Steps to Start Clean Eating

There’s a lot of conversation about the term “Clean Eating” right now. I see it on twitter all the time, the blogs I follow and most of all on Pinterest. And, no I'm not referring to the Seinfeld episode where Kramer is making salad in the shower.What Does Clean Eating Mean?...more

I'm Not Just A Runner

Hi, I'm Amy. I run. For many years I thought being a runner was the only thing that defined me - my identity. Well I'm here to tell you I'm not just a runner....more

Word of the year, 2015...Fitspiration!

My word and theme for 2015… After deliberate thinking and lots of reading some of the ladies of blogging I love, (like her and her and her) I have decided to make up a word to accommodate my wish list for my perfect word for the year.Fitspiration!...more

Fat Fertility

If you're an overweight woman with fertility issues you know the next 4 letters very well...PCOS.  Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  This condition is basically an increase of cysts on or around your ovaries.  You also can't break down sugars easily so you have to take insulin pills...metformin is what I take.  I've had numerous surgeries to remove baseball sized cysts that won't dissolve on their own.  These cysts always appear on my right ovary.  I have one right now but I can't have anymore surgeries without losing my right ovary. ...more

Is This Year's Resolution More Gym Time? A Must-Read For All the Aspiring Gym Rats

I remember the first time I got fat.  And not fat like, “Oh my jeans are a little tight.” Or “I should tone up a bit.” I was the kind of fat where you’re looking at a photograph of all your friends lined up sitting on the couch wearing skirts and shorts and your girlfriend says, “EEWWWWWWW!! SICK! JUST SICK. Look at my thigh! It’s like a giant overstuffed sausage! Look at all that cellulite!!! GROSS!!” much in the fashion any of us would only criticize ourselves....more

Need more H2O YO!

Better choices today! Reduced-fat turkey bacon/egg white english muffin verses a gooey apple fritter.  Which tasted better you ask? Think about it!Salad for lunch instead of cheesesticks.  Raisin bran for dinner instead of culvers.  Zumba tonight instead of sitting on my ass.Overall a successful day!I'll weigh on Sunday...hopefully yesterday's choices are a distant memory on the scale. ...more

My Next Big Endeavor

I’m always trying something new.  Searching for that next big thing that may end up going somewhere.  Alas, most of the things I try end up being just my own version of a fad, and fade away after a few months.  I don’t know, maybe that’s a normal thing, but it’s always bothered me about myself.  I’m interested in so many things, though, and not everything is meant to be....more

Spur of the Moment Bad Choices

Ever have a day of bad choices that get out of control, then by dinner you just say fuck it? That was me yesterday. I've been craving an apple fritter like crazy! I mean, I've been having dreams about this gooey, slightly crispy, apple filled piece of heaven.  Well yesterday morning on a whim I stopped and got this fritter.  I thought I was going to have a orgasm eating this thing.  I didn't feel guilty because I thought of it as a treat. ...more