10-Minute Total Body Tabata Workout

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Walking the Talk: 7 Benefits of Walking + The Surgeon General's Call to Action

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The Return of MY Body

Today I did a full 1.5 hour yoga practice! The first in almost 8 months and it felt amazing. My body is coming back to me and I think it is even stronger than ever.Pre baby I realise I was not that aware of my body. I mean OK I was aware of my body in terms of movement and sensations but despite practicing yoga and being more connected to my body than most, I don’t think I fully understood what it mean to be aware....more
Our body's are amazing! And it's so important to carve out time for yourself when you have a ...more

Losing Weight Peacefully

Weight-loss diets usually don't work. Yes, it is possible to lose weight by following a plan of some kind. Whether it's a crazy, rapid-loss fad or a nutritionally sound, medically supervised program, almost any kind of diet will work for a while. But the results don't last. No matter what method they use, the overwhelming majority of dieters regain the weight within two or three years, and many become even heavier than they were before. ...more

My Green Juice Cleanse Experience

Chef V 5 Day Organic Green Juice Cleanse Review and Coupon CodeNovember 4, 2015...more

How Movie Theatre Popcorn Helped Me Start a Rebellion

Hey ladies! Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I thought I’d share a bit about my long and oftentimes dysfunctional history with health, fitness, weight loss (and gain), and why I started my blog Pretty Fat Rebellion....more

You're Seriously Passing Now?? #NaBloPoMo

Fair warning: a rant may be forthcoming. Hardly a day goes by where some insane person decides passing a car on the road right next to where we’re walking is a stellar idea. We give cars a wide berth where we walk because there are no sidewalks and oftentimes no bike lanes either. In some places along the road, you’re either on the road, or in the ditch. So we try to be seen and let them know we see them....more

Two Favorite English Country Dances


Walking the Canyon As I Greet The Day #NaBloPoMo

 Walking every day is not really a goal anymore, but a requirement. A day missed leaves me out of sorts. I need to breathe the air, feel the wind, hear the birds. I need to experience the seasons changing, and walking even a portion of the canyon brings a sense of calm as I begin the day....more