Corn-free Nachos + Ridiculously Tasty Toppings

I may or may not be on a major Mexican kick right now. I can't seem to get guacamole + fresh salsa in my tummy fast enough....more

Raw Mojito Drops

Since it's been getting warmer, I've been craving after dinner desserts like no other! Anything sweet and chewy is fair game. I've had my fair share of Lemon Cashew Drops lately, but I was craving something different last night, something risque....more

Vegan Sour cream & Chive Bacon Kale Chips

When to Spend the Money for Organic?

Yes, buying Organic can be expensive, but the trick is knowing when it’s actuallynecessary to spend the extra money. ...more

Bad Knees Workout #2

Fire up the Grill, Not your heartburn

Don't Fire up Heartburn this summerWith summer grilling season in full swing, more of my patients are coming in to talk about frequent heartburn. Frequent heartburn suffers can experience heartburn as often as two times per week which keeps them from enjoying the foods that they love at BBQ gatherings.So, for those of you who are enjoying the summer celebrations but not-so-much the consequent heartburn, it’s important to pay attention to how frequent your heartburn occurs. While a simple antacid can do the trick for occasional heartburn, those who are suffer from heartburn two or more times a week may need some extra help.Frequent heartburn can be very frustrating and uncomfortable. But fear not, there are medications that can help alleviate the pain. For frequent heartburn sufferers, a class of heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) work best. PPIs are taken in the morning, before your first meal, and can come in the form of prescription or over-the-counter medicines.In the last decade, it has become more and more common to see prescription heartburn medications become available over-the-counter (OTC). ...more

Losing the Dreaded Pregnancy Weight

There are very few things in life more difficult than losing weight, especially as you get older. It takes dedication and a commitment to make life changes. Humans are creatures of habit, and unfortunately, we pick up bad habits rather quickly. ...more
Losing weight is a goal many people have, and it’s also one that lots of people have trouble ...more

Gym Update #9 + Product Reviews

Happy Friday!...more

Post Work Out Protein Snacks

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