Heart: This Is The Letter Your Deserve

For runners, lifters and every health enthusiast that thinks out loud and understands the magic power of our heart. ...more

Our Favorite Workout Gear

Last Spring Mariah and I signed up for Tone It Up's Bikini Series. If you've never heard of  Tone It Up, the girls behind the brand are named Karina and Katrina. They are best friends and fitness trainers who have built this amazing brand that is all about helping women get in shape with fun workouts, recipes, and other products....more

5 Ways You Can Kick the Excuses and Start Exercising

Today, I almost didn't go for a run because I was having a great hair day. I'm not kidding. In my defense, my hair usually looks crazy and disheveled. Not today though. I must have stumbled upon the perfect humidity to hair product ratio. It was good. I actually thought "Wow. I should take a selfie." I didn't, but I thought about it. Anyway, it got me thinking of all the excuses I come up with to talk myself out of running or working out. I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Here are some of my excuses. ...more
Not Always Hall Thanks!more

Fitness Friday Office Workout 4/10

Back to the regular Fitness Friday style this week - a full body mini workout to target all the major muscle groups... Lets get the blood pumping today!  Who's ready?? ...more