I Suppose You Can Call Me A Runner

I AM DOING IT!A few weeks ago, after so so so much convincing from a group of friends, I finally decided to muster up the balls to register for my very first FULL marathon. Oh, you're a runner, too? Great, I promise I won't be boring or try to go out of my way to make jokes about running a marathon. For those who know me, if I ever ever decide to share my blog, they know that how I write is exactly how I speak, no holds barred. ...more

How To Find A Fitness Friend

Photo credit:  fitmomdiet.com...more

How To Workout By Your Body Type

By understanding your body type, you can customize a workout program to be more effective than an “out of the box” workout program. Customizing a workout program based on your body type is surprisingly easy....more

I Made My Own Deodorant - Then I Tested It

By now, most people have probably heard the claim that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. While scientific studies have yet to yield a definitive “yup, sure do!” there has been enough information gathered about the topic to scare me a teeny bit witless.See what I mean here and here.The idea of smearing aluminum into my armpit pores makes me twitchy anyway. If I have another option, I’ll gladly take it....more

Tips for Having Fun in Your First Group Exercise Class

We've all been the new person at some point in our lives.  Being the new kid at school, the new employee at work, or maybe the new person in a fitness class.  It conjures up feelings of anxiety, fear, and doubt.  I was there once.  I had NO idea what to expect the first time I ever took a group fitness class....more

My Favorite Spring Food

Have you noticed the large red celery-like stalks in the produce aisle of your grocery store in early spring?  Wondering what they could be?It’s rhubarb, the quintessential local food.  Rhubarb is primarily available only when it is fresh and in season (early spring)....more

5 Fitness Apps that Make it Easy to Stay on Track

Let's talk apps. Do you use them to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals? The right app can put a library of fitness, nutritional and calorie information at your fingertips and give you the extra accountability you need. Studies show that keeping a food journal helps with weight loss because it makes you think about what and how you eat. If you have to write down “14 Girl Scout Cookies” for dinner, chances are you might stop yourself before you eat them....more

Get Ready For The Dress

A WORKOUT FOR PROCRASTINATORS   This is a workout for all you ladies who are getting ma...more