Craving Chocolate? Think Magnesium

I love chocolate.As a child, I remember chocolate nut bars during the winter holidays, steaming hot chocolate after a day of skiing in Vermont, and chocolate chip cake every year for my birthday.  Always homemade and always delicious....more

Hiking and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

As an outdoor activity hiking promotes fitness in a fun way where you can explore your surroundings, be with nature, improve your physical and mental health, inhale fresh air and sometimes enjoy some photography....more

I'm brining sexy back

Summertime is already here in South Florida. The heat index has been comfortably resting at 90 degrees since mid to late April. Fortunately my runs are now in the evening around 7pm since my oldest daughter is in volleyball practice at that time. I'm so happy that I get to use her practice time for running because not only can I avoid the high heat (most of it at least) but I can get back to training five days a week. ...more

How Much Should I Weigh?

The American Cancer Society gives a rough guideline for a healthy body weight. The body mass index (BMI) serves as indicator for it and defines the relationship between height and weight. The weight groups apply for men and women who are 20 years old and older and are defined as...more

Fitness Friday 5/22: Get Your Body Moving

Happy Friday to you all!  We made it through another week.  I hope you're energized for the weekend, especially if yours is a long one.  I'll be working on Memorial Day, but I'm definitely excited for these next few days off!  If you feel like your Friday is dragging on today, try this mini workout you can do anywhere and everywhere you find yourself....more

6 Great Tips to Help Exercise Happen After Baby

The other night Dave and I were chatting with a group of friends, and one couple, who is expecting their first baby, asked us what the hardest part of adjusting to new parenthood was. It's a tough question, but I said that the most difficult part for me was definitely feeling like my old life was over and there was this vast unknown of what a "normal" day as a mom looked like. Not to mention what a normal week, month, year, etc. would entail. Needless to say it's a huge life change and can be a little overwhelming. ...more

I am NOT a Quitter!

My friends and family all share the same response when I tell them I’m starting a new fitness regime or diet. They say that’s great, that they will support me, but the tone of their voice sends off alerts in my head....more

There Is Life After Running