Why I love Yoga more than chocolate cupcakes?

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever” – Keri RussellLast Sunday, I went to the newly opened shopping mall, just in front of my house. It had some of the best collection of jumpsuits I had ever seen in all of my 25 years of life. I was super excited. It was the opening, so there were a lot of discounts like: “3 for price of 2”“50% off for the first purchase”“Buy now, get yearly discount”...more

100-Mile Diet

Day 7 Diet 7 on the 155 Diets100-Mile Diet...more

Unleashing the Monster Within

I’ll be honest.I’ve eaten nothing but crap the past couple of days.It all started with the white chocolate raspberry scone and vanilla iced latte yesterday morning in a desperate bid to get out the door as quickly as possible to get some shopping done.That was followed by a Coke, my very first Reuben sandwich and bottomless fries at around 3:30 – famished after a day of obsessive makeup shopping....more

90/10 Diet

Day 6 Diet 6 on 155 Diets and Counting Cristie Will 90/10 Diet (Integrative Nutrition Diet) The Integrative Nutrition Diet promotes eating healthy foods most of the time (90% of the time) and eating less healthy foods on occasion (10% of the time). There is no set plan to this diet, and it is easy to follow and hard to fall off!...more

Alone... In Barre Class

All by myself.... at Barre class.......more

If Money CAN'T Buy Happiness, Then Will Health?

“Can money buy happiness? Yes, if it is spent correctly”This was the message along the lines that Michael Norton, Harvard Business School Professor, shared in front of a crowd in the latest revitalize 2015 conference from MindBodyGreen....more

17 Day Diet

Day 5 Diet 5 of 155 Diets and Counting Cristie Will 17 Day Diet...more

I find it REALLY easy to lie...

Lie to myself that is! It's quite easy and not very complicated to lie when you're speaking to an audience of one...me, myself, and I. (technically is that 3 people...?)...more

How to lift your mood without a prescription

The right songFor me music is a mood lifter. It just takes a minute to set the mood.  Usually when people talk about mood music they are referring to setting the mood for an elegant dinner party or an evening of romance.  But, mood music is so much more than just dinner and ‘dessert’.The right song can shake lack of confidence, put some sparkle in a ho-hum routine, shine light in the remains of a tough day, ignite a happy memory and remind me what I have to be thankful for.Luke BryanLast July, my family attended the Luke Bryan concert.  I was in between visits to Florida to help with my dad who was in ICU at the time.  My husband was ramping up his care for his mom who had lung cancer.  You can say we were in the thick of the family squeeze last July.  We were rightfully crabby but we just went through the motions and got to the concert…mostly for our daughter who was looking forward to going.  Our crabbiness was contagious because I remember our kids were being slimy boogers.  We had great seats thanks to Jason’s company being a corporate sponsor.  Once Luke entered the stage for a second time (the first time the power went out on him!  He said his kid unplugged something backstage!), we stepped away from our heavy reality and escaped into a toe tapping hand clapping concert.  I’ve been a bigger fan of Luke Bryan ever since.Happy daysSimilarly, I remember taking my mom to a doctor visit in Atlanta recently.  We were arguing.  Mom was mad for making her sell her condo and move so quickly after dad’s passing and she was unhappy with the level of care she was getting at her facility and I was retaliating because I truly felt and still feel that we made the best decisions for her mental and physical health.  My mom also tends to get flustered when she has to leave her apartment and I frustrate her because she says I make her move way too fast.  I finally got smart and stayed silent in the car ride to the appointment but turned on XM 50’s channel.  I quickly noticed that music significantly helped lift my mom’s spirits.  Listening to songs that brought back happier days lightened things up quite a bit and it’s a technique I continue to use on rides with her.Make your own funWhen I have a yucky chore to do…I turn the music up L O U D!  Whether I’m weeding in the yard, cleaning the house, or food prepping for the week…music makes the time pass and the job somewhat fun!  Snow White knew what she was doing when she whistled while she worked. Spotify PlaylistsLike many of you, music is vital to my workouts.  I’m constantly listening for new songs to add to my Spotify workout playlist.  I love songs that energize me and have strong words of encouragement.  I dare you to listen to ‘The Spark’ by Afrojack and not feel like you can conquer anything.  ‘Shake It’ by Metro Station is another favorite that when it comes on during my workout I can kick it up a notch.  I recently discovered Spotify’s Running feature that pairs songs to your running temp.  My favorite parts of the Spotify Running feature is that it chops off any of the slower buildup in the beginning of a song and quickly transitions between the songs.  It’s so fun and easy to use! Here’s how:1.      In the main navigation of the app choose ‘Running’.2.      Pick one of their Running Playlists.  I like ‘Recommended for You’ or ‘Upbeat Run’.3.      Then either start running to detect your tempo or you can opt to skip this step and the application will default to 160 steps/min.  This default pace works well for my interval jog/power walk pace. I’m always looking for a new addition to my playlists.  What’s your favorite current workout tune?  What’s a song you like to chill or sing-a-long to on a car ride?  Please share in the comments below....more
TaupeTulips Thanks!  Do you have any favorite tunes that allow you to crush your workout?more