Whey protein powder and probiotics boost weight loss

Trying to lose weight? New studies show that whey protein as well as probiotics can help by boosting your metabolism while filling you up. Moreover, a new study showed that whey protein can help prevent Alzheimer's disease: get the skinny by clicking here....more


If I'm honest, I've never been able to fully enjoy myself sitting at the beach on a hot summer's day. Sure, when I first get there, I'll plop down my chair in the sand, gaze at the beautiful ocean, breathe in that salty ocean air and soak in the sunshine with a huge sense of pleasure but, inevitably, my gaze begins to wander. I don't think I'm unique in this experience. Before I know it, I'm people watching and eyeing up passers-by beneath the protection of my shades. It doesn't take long before some toned body goes running by on the water's edge and I'm reminded, yet again, of my non-existent exercise routine. I may be thin but I'm not toned. Someone who eats healthy can be skinny but to be toned you need to actually work your muscles. If you avoid exercise, as I almost always have, it's as if you'll always feel that slight sense of disconnect and discontent with your own body. It's a subtle non-spoken guilt that comes out to play only when you finally reveal your skin to the sunshine. No matter how many times I try to feel confident sitting on the beach, I generally walk away from the day feeling disheartened and agitated with no one to blame but myself....more

Sugar-Free Gum and Candy

Whether you're trying to lose weight, avoid tooth decay, or kick the sugar habit, sugar-free gum and candy can provide lifesavers (no pun intended). But when it comes to taste, beware! Some taste so bad that you'll spit it out after one chew (or bite), while others are so good that you'll double-check the label to make sure it's really sugar-free....more

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diet {Blog Post} ...more
Thank you for the informative post.  I have been gluten-free for several years now and have been ...more

Tone Your Butt With This Fun "All About That Bass" Workout!

 Image credit: Fit Mix MomTry this butt-toning dance HIIT routine to "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor!...more

The OCD Runner's Guide to the CU Cherry Blossom (Almost) 10 Mile Race in DC: A Recap

I wasn't too sure about running this mid-April race, first of all.I've been busy. Busy, busy, busy. So busy in fact that I didn't have time to sit down and write something funny and clever and completely narcissistic just to please you.... and we both know it would please you. No matter how much you want me to write something about running that is mildly amusing so that you can escape from your mundane life for a few minutes, I'm telling you I absolutely do not have the time. No time do I have. None....more

Fitness Friday 4/17: Plank Edition

Special edition alert!  Fitness Friday is joining the ever-popular plank challenges!  While this isn't a true 'challenge' in the sense of a long-term goal, it IS a challenging mini workout nonetheless.  Ready to get your plank on today?  Grab your timer, some good tunes, and let's work your core!...more

The Food Industry is Fucking with You

I ate the reheated boxed Mac and Cheese. If we were talking about first-time-around boxed mac and cheese, this might be a different story. But I ate the microwave reheated kind—you know, without any flavor, the cheese just a whisper of it’s former self.But I don’t take full blame. Sure, I got myself to the grocery store and ultimately purchased the damn stuff, but let’s look at what we are up against all day, every day....more

How I Survived My 10-day Sugar Detox

Two words: I SURVIVEDI felt really good the first 2 days. I went about my days feeling normal, maybe a little hungry but I upped my water intake, specially about 15 minutes before meals and about 30 minutes after. I wasn’t tired or achy as I thought I’d be with any detox one goes through....more