The 2013 Dirty Dozen list is out!

Yep, eating healthy is definitely not as inexpensive as eating badly. You’re more likely to find a drive-thru offering a 99 cent burger than you will one that offers a salad at the same price....more

Why Breastfeed?

Consider these two meals:...more

Tips to spice up your boring workout?

Workouts are a very important part of a man’s life. They are spiced up in various ways and friends do give a lot of help for it. Different TV programs keeps you engaged and increases your potential along with the enjoyment of the so called boring workouts.A very pretty sure question that comes in every body’s mind is that why workouts are so boring and tiring? And how can you spice up your boring workouts?...more

5 Best guilt-free desserts!

I hate diets.  And what I hate most about them is not the food you are "allowed" to eat.  It's the food that is "forbidden" that really gets my goat (I've honestly never understood that euphemism, but you know what?  It sounds funny, so we'll go with it).  I've made it my personal mission in life to find dessert foods that won't break the calorie bank....more

Journey Gym Arrived!

So I received my Journey Gym! I am in LOVE! I got the Journey Gym (itself) I got the Fitbook & Fitbook pen!4 Journey Gym Fitness DVD's & The 5 pillars of Perfect Nutrition! ...more

How I Lost My Baby Weight

December 2012, approximately one year after the birth of my tripletsLosing the baby weight can be difficult for a lot of moms, especially since we often don’t have time to exercise. After the birth of my children, I gained an additional 15 pounds on top of my pregnancy weight....more

Endomondo Review (Ep. #145 Fat 2 Fit Radio)

Running App Review for Endomondo, Episode #145 (3.18.13)PROS:...more

Nike+ Review (Ep. #146 Fat 2 Fit Radio)

Running App Review for Nike + AppEpisode #145 of Fat 2 Fit Radio (3.18.13)by Helana Brigman...more

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

 Who said chicken breast dishes must be bland, boring and dry? This healthy chicken salad is full of flavor, high in protein and ready in no time. Ladies, if you are looking to lose fat and fuel your muscles with a source of lean protein,...more