The Process of Getting Started

Last night, I read on NPR, that dark chocolate is good for one's heart because some of the healthy gut bacteria really feast on the stuff and are then able to somehow or other make things happen that are good. Yeah, that was vague, but the article was good.So today I picked up a new dark chocolate.  Unfortunately, it's not pure dark chocolate.  It's 60 or 70%.  I think I'm not helping anything with this new chocolate fascination.  As well, I have a headache so I really don't think it's working for me.  ...more

American Shaving Horror Stories and 'Run Rash' Avoidance in the Southern Climes with Shave Secret (A Rather Personal Review)

After reading this, you must infer that my brain is not working. I admit dignity has taken a major hike and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need Post-Traumatic Stress counseling after this blogging event mostly because it's just downright difficult to talk about the freshness of the lady garden without scrunching up on the floor in a mass of billowing bashfulness. ...more

No, your kid is fat.

That’s not “puppy fat”, your child is fat. I’m not a mother, so I can’t say anything about the health of my own children, but it isn’t that hard to identify an overweight child. My social networking news feeds are full of ‘proud parents’ showing off their latest photos of their children. Okay; you made a kid, we can all see that, I’m sure you’re very happy with your new family – but aren’t you at all concerned about the health of your children? ...more

The Invisible Man

After his fall, my husband was hospitalized with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a very high blood-alcohol level.  Given those two factors, complicated by the immaciated body and unshaven, unclean person that emergency room workers were presented with, it was clear he was being labeled  a deralict.  Not on paper; not out load; but in the minds - and behavior - of the staff charged with his care....more

In the Storms of Life, I stand Strong: The Power & Comfort of Yoga

By Angie DeRosaBreathe.I find myself having difficulty writing about this topic because my relationship with yoga is so deeply personal. The only thing I have to go on is my story. My life rhythm is determined by yoga. We all have a life rhythm. Yoga gets us in touch with that life rhythm....more

Lack of Resolve

"Just Do It!"  Such great words.  Such exciting potential.  SO not easy.  I'm so dang typically human.  And yet, I know that there is a great truth to that phrase of just getting down and doing it....more

The Road to Recovery from Diet Soda Addiction

The Long Road to Soda Addiction Recovery Hi, Everyone. My name is Angela and I’m a Diet Pepsi addict… in recovery. It’s been 96 painful hours since my last drink. That’s FOUR. WHOLE. DAYS....more