Dr. Oz's 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet: Lose 10 pounds before Memorial Day

If you're saying "May Day" about your body, Dr. Mehmet Oz has the solution: His new 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss diet is designed to help you lose 10 pounds before Memorial Day. ...more

Actor Kellan Lutz uses Paleo diet for weight loss, better sleep and energy boost

"Twilight" and "Legend of Hercules" actor Kellen Lutz is coming out of the cave about his Paleo diet. He feels it's the ideal choice for keeping him lean and mean, noting that the plan "made me even more healthy" in a recent interview with Knoxville Online.  "I adapted the Paleo diet (which mimics the basics of what cavemen ate), which helped me because I had tons of energy. I was just so in love with the role and being on set that I wasn’t sleeping much," explained Kellan. ...more

Whole30 diet enhances Paleo weight loss plan: How to try it

When a weight loss plan is featured in Elle magazine, you know it's become a trend. And that's what's happened to the Whole30 diet....more

How resistant starch and safe starch can enhance Paleo and low carb diets

What's the new buzz term in the low carb and Paleo diet communities? Resistant starch.  One of the wizards in the weight loss world, Jimmy Moore, invited a group of experts to explain the role that resistant starch can play in achieving your goals on his "The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show." ...more

The Pocketful of Quirky Grace DietBet

Do you remember how much fun I had when I did a DietBet?Okay, maybe I’m using the word “FUN” wrong… but I lost weight, which was pretty awesome....more

Getting to Know Nut Butters

Discover seven weight loss and health benefits of low-carb high fat ketogenic diets

What do you want in a diet? Most of us want a plan that will promote health while resulting in safe, effective, permanent weight loss. And although the ultimate answer as to the best diet plans remains to be determined, research increasingly shows that low carb high fat (LCHF) ketogenic diets are more effective than high carb low fat plans.Low carb diets have been shown to:...more

How Fitbit Changed My Life aka A to Z Challenge - On eXercise

I was looking back through some prior posts, and I came across this photo......more

I'm Not Paid To Look Good, And I'm Thankful For That

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of a documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival. I'm not usually a festival-goer or a Hollywood party type, but this documentary is special: It's about a case that my husband and I worked on, and my husband, as one of the lead defense attorneys in the case, is featured pretty prominently in it. I'm not in the film, but last week I authored the petition for certiorari that we submitted to the United States Supreme Court. (Click on the links here to read more about ...more
Your post resonated with me! [congratulations to you and your husband on the documentary and ...more

Leg Day

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