Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow redefine feminine role models, says their trainer

Who's on your list of role models? Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, author of "Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible," feels that Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez deserve top listings. ...more

Fitbit, Jawbone UP bangle and pedometers motivate exercisers to move more

In a race to finish first in the gadget world, wearable tech is posed to win. Shipments of high tech bands that monitor fitness have grown 700 percent in just one year, according to Entrepreneur. So what should weight loss and fitness enthusiasts look for when it comes to the perfect device to monitor their marathons, race-walking events or spin class sessions? The high tech world is buzzing about:...more

Weightlifting by a Former Ballerina

I started a public blog to hold myself accountable for the incredibly intimidating workout regimen I am starting TODAY - WHOA - because otherwise I'll skip the cardio at the end, or lighten the load on the weights, or generally avoid it and watch another episode of Scandal.The low-down on the workout goes like this: my boyfriend loves the website T-Nation, as in testosterone nation, also known as The Most Unlikely Source for anything related to MY life. Or at least until a couple of years ago....more

Fuel Your Run: Real Food Alternatives

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs: http://www.fitfoodieruns.comAbout a year ago, I had a conversation with my friend (who has achieved many marathons) and she told me they serve the runners pizza, perogies and potatoes throughout her races. I was stunned. Wait, no bars but real food? I have to learn more!Scott Jurek is not only one of the world’s most elite ultrarunners but is also vegan, meaning he eats a plant based diet. You read that correctly – vegan and world‘s elite ultrarunner....more

Nutrients Your Body Needs for Beautiful Skin

Nutrients Your Body Needs for Beautiful SkinThe skin is considered one of the best indicators of overall well-being. If you have wrinkles, acne, inflammation, or dry skin, then it may be time you started looking after your health.  As many woment know, having beautiful skin is not an easy road for many. Many women turn to over-the-counter medicines, lotions, soaps, toners, creams, and scrubs in order to deal with the situation. Exorbitantly priced chemical products and medicines are not the answer for these skin related problems; healthy nutrition is....more

"Trying again" check-in

A little while back I shared that I was trying again - that is, getting myself back on track with healthy living in order to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It's only been a few weeks since I made that decision, but I thought it was time for me to check in and let you all know how I'm doing. ...more

Forty Years of Yo-Yo Dieting

I've been promising for awhile that I would write about the way I've been eating lately.  I've already shared with you the positive effects on my health and my weight.  I haven't sat down to write before now because it feels important to start at the beginning, and the beginning was a LONG time ago....more

Short on Time Challenge

What is your biggest excuse for not working out? I don't know about you, but my excuse USED to be that I didn't have enough time. I had a gym membership. But between having two very busy kids, running 3 businesses and trying to maintain a sane family life a home I just couldn't find the time I go to the gym. Not to mention the few days that I did actually get to go I would go in there and kind of blindly try to figure out what to do. I had no focus whatsoever. That all changed back in April when I took my friends challenge and started T25....more

5 Ways to Make Dining Out Gluten-Free Less Scary

How to Make Dining Out Gluten-Free Less Scary What if you're met with an eye roll when you mention to the server that you have celiac disease? That doesn't exactly instill a level of confidence, does it? That's exactly what happened to me recently. It was a reality check about dining out gluten-free....more
DrPassero thank you for sharing!more

Training for #2015ALAM

  I'm happy to report that I was given a clean bill of health at the end of July, and have started running again. Matter of fact, I've actually started training for the 2015 ASICS LA Marathon. Hey, I won that free race entry remember?...more