5 favorite workouts

Another week gone by.  It was a rough week in our house.  Both of my girls have been sick.  I hate sick kids it's heart breaking.  Anyway that's a whole other topic.  On to our new series Fitness Friday.  To kick of this series I just wanted to start simple.  Talking about my Top 5 Favorite Workouts. ...more

Best Neighborhood/Trails to Run and Watch Weird People In & Around DC

This time of year in Florida is so miserably hot and humid, I can't even tell you. No really. Before you're allowed to move away, the Florida Board of Tourism makes you swear on space shuttle Atlantis' grave not to tell how hot and humid it is there. You're also not supposed to tell anyone there is really no such thing as winter, spring or fall, so you didn't hear it from me. I don't want the tourism Mafia blowing up my Rav 4. ...more
I'm happy to inspire a visit or two to some of these locales around DC for running, biking, ...more

Running Is Not The Joy I Remembered

New Zealand has a reputation for being an outdoor kinda country and after you spend a bit of time here you realise that reputation is actually a huge understatement. There are people running in Wellington most hours of the day and they all look like they were born wearing itty bitty lycra outfits and running shoes. Round here, the locals bound like gazelles along Marine Parade completely unaffected by gale force winds or blistering heat....more

Bruni Blasts Oz

Bruni Blasts Oz ...more

Day 1 #CabotFit Team: Key Bank Vermont Marathon

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsDay 1 of 3: Visit adventures here:http://www.fitfoodieruns.com/2014/05/28/day-1-vermont-cabotfit-team/Hey ya’ll!I’m back in Baltimore after the most AMAZING trip to Vermont with the CabotFit team. Remember I told you how I couldn’t contain myself over the news? Ahhh, yes, it was everything I thought it would be plus more!I had a very long, packed weekend so I’m going to break it down day-by-day … hashtag by hashtag…...more

One Thing At A Time To Reach Your Goals

 Many people make the mistake of trying to make too many changes at once.Rather than attempt a complete lifestyle overhaul overnight, focus on one change at a time, big or small....more
Thanks for sharing - I agree, unrealistic or too many goals may become overwhelming & ultimately ...more

I MADE it my first 5K walk EVER! :O)

Week 6 Monday 5-19-14 Day 35 5K...more

3 Simple Rules for Healthy Weight Loss

3 Simple Rules to Follow to Make Healthy Weight Loss Possible       ...more

5 Ways to Stay Fit While Busy

Are you a woman on the go? No time for fitness in your jam-packed schedule? Then check out these 5 ways stay fit while busy! 1. Be active every chance you get...more