12/14: The Skinny

I woke up a little after midnight and it’s 1:33 am now (I must be lonely). My MIL has gathered a group of us to go to what looks like this totally amazing and beautiful extravaganza at her friends church tonight (watch the video, it looks awesome!)....more

Pull-up Program: Week 5 and 6 - Check your ego at the door!!

Oops, it's been a while since I updated on my ongoing quest for MY FIRST PULL-UP!! It gets capitalized because it is currently my number one life goal..which is either really sad or totally awesome...so I'm going with awesome....more

Healthy Reasons to Eat a Salad…Today!

I was looking at my phone and all the pictures I take of my food. I’m not going to lie. My phone pretty much looks like an ode to salads (and Jeffrey..of course)! So I thought I’d talk to you about all the really awesome, totally wonderful, and healthy reasons to eat a salad....more

Healthy Take Out Tips: Chinese Food Edition

 With the stress of the holidays, we tend to go overboard. Overboard with our emotions, spending, stress, drinking, and eating. With long days spent at work or even just the many stressful hours stuck in the mall parking lot, we find ourselves running out of time and energy to cook. I don't blame you for wanting a night off from cooking, I order takeout often. And guess what, I don't instantly balloon up when I do. There are plenty of healthy takeout options available. ...more

When will my head catch up?

I'm really beginning to love Thursday morning weigh-ins. Today is the third consecutive Thursday the scale has told me I have 10 pounds or less to lose to reach my goal. As I've mentioned previously, it doesn't last until Mondays – my "official" weigh-in day. But Thursdays are pretty sweet.If you'll recall, my original goal of losing 50 pounds this year has been met. I've been three or four pounds below that for several weeks now, and that feels great. I wore a pair of size 8 jeans last night....more

Fab Abs: Muscle-Burning Pilates Ab Workout

There are only a few weeks left this year to be fearless. So I did it. I created my very first public  video.  It’s had an entire six views (two of which are mine). But since I don’t advertise having a YouTube channel I suppose that’s to be expected. Perhaps, this will be the catalyst to make me a wildly famous YouTube sensation. LOL!...more

Limit Exercise for INCREASED Effectiveness

As women we are taught the longer the better on cardio machines, right?  If 20 minutes is good then 40 minutes is better! But can too much of a good thing be bad? Is there such a thing as over-exercising?...more

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love nothing more than spending a snowy winter day with a big journal, wrapping up my year by seeing where I have been with my goals, my health, my career and/or my family and looking ahead to the following year with a fresh plan of action and aspirations.  I also like making a list of the websites, books and workshops (all related to nutrition and food of course) that have inspired me this past year. I would love to share them, my gift from me to you!Mind/Body/Sprit Books That Inspired Me:...more

Workout Wednesday: Pilates

I know it seems like I talk about running a lot. And I do, but I also have another workout routine that I've been doing for years and years (like 15ish years). I adore Pilates. I think it is amazing for your body and your mind and your spirit. It makes you feel like a million bucks without dying and it really tones your muscles. As a dancer, I never wanted huge and bulging muscles, so I never lifted weights. Pilates uses your body weight to tone your muscles. Wikipedia (I know, such a legit source) defines it as: ...more