3 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Weight Training

One of the main reasons why weight training has recently become a preferred exercise choice amongst women is simply because it is a powerful confidence booster. When you lift weights you are building and toning muscle, which in turn fortifies the bone structure, ligaments and tendons. However, it has become a symbol of female fearlessness....more
Meredith at Motherfigure I absolutely agree! The body has gone thorugh very strong changes and ...more

Exercise my Demons

Oh, Mandelynn...http//:www.ohmandelynn.com...more

Nurturing Your Wrists During Exercise

It's a common feeling, I think everyone has experienced this at some point during their practice, the god awful: Wrist pain....more

5 Tips to Get You Through Your First Barre Class

I've been wanting to try a Barre class for a while because there is something about that ballet barre that speaks to my inner ballerina. I imagine myself, long and lean with my hair in a tight bun, stretching gracefully over my pointed toes. Maybe spontaneously leaping into the air... That's not quite how it went down, but it was fun and it definitely kicked my booty. ...more
Katie Jenkins Yes! That's great advice. Thanks!more

Crazy Dreams + Back and Bicep Workout

Good Morning and happy Thursday!Our morning started off bright and early when our alarms went off at 5am. After throwing on some gym clothes and splashing some water on my face we hopped in the car and headed to the gym to complete a quick back and bicep workout....more

Military Diet: Day Two

Just as I suspected, day two of this diet sucked. I went to bed last night hungry and woke up hungrier. I was looking forward to my breakfast though, thankfully a breakfast I cook for myself on more than one occassion.  It was lunch that I was worried about.I woke up much earlier than yesterday ready to start off breakfast at a decent hour. I cooked an egg sunny side up, placed on a piece of toast. I also had 1/2 of a banana. Just like yesterday with the peanut butter on my toast, I could do this everyday....more

Eatting Health at a Party

It happens to all of us; we are trying to eat what is right for our bodies and we are doing better and better all the time and then, bam, along comes another birthday, holiday or social event riddled with every food we are trying to avoid.  Why is it that when we gather as a group some of the least healthy food show up as option? How to handle these situations in a healthy manor depends on your biotype, personality and your motivations in general....more

Avoid The Treadmill in 2015!

Are you dreading going to the gym because you know it will be an agonizing hour of treadmill cardio? We feel your pain! Workouts seem to be a job in itself, but it doesn’t have to be!...more