Wednesday Workout: Metabolic Conditioning.

Metabolic conditioning is a hot word in the fitness industry right now. A lot of people are moving away from the long bouts of elliptical or heavy weight lifting with long rest. Instead, we have to turn to shorter, full body, higher intensity workouts that burn calories. We are getting busier and busier by the day but we are also wanting to stay healthy....more

Embrace Health

The New Year has begun, and with that, so has the exercise uprising.  I have lived a healthy lifestyle for quite a few years now, so getting fit is never on my resolution list.  With that said, I am proud of our society as, in more recent years, the focus is slowly turning toward health and fitness.  I applaud those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than a sporadic dieting lifestyle....more

10 Helpful Tips That Will Get You Eating Healthy

There was a lot I learned during my journey to change from being a fat, food-addicted, food-fearing, yo-yo dieter into a healthy-weighted, food-enjoying, former food junkie. And now, I pass these lessons along to you with the hope that these 10 tips will help you, too. ...more
HarleyLeBon TheCookingCoach Disagree wholeheartedly with this. Lose the carbs which are no ...more

The Lesson Plan for 2015

As a 44-year old woman I've started to feel the changes in my body. I remember when I had days filled with energy and enthusiasm. Today, my hormones are creating havoc in my life! Mood-swings and crying episodes are the order of the day. My hair is thinning and falling rapidly, I have gained a lot of weight and I don't  feel motivated. I don't feel like myself anymore. ...more

Nutrition, Health, and Privilege

Earlier, I wrote about the politics of weight and the systemic issues challenging our health as Americans. All that said, there's still a lot of room for personal accountability and responsibility in managing our health and nutrition. When all is said and done, we're the only ones who decide what to actually put in our mouths and how much to move our bodies....more
TheQuirkyDiva I've noticed that the best food is typically located in the best parts of town; ...more

Friday FitLife Tip: Always Ready for a Workout.

My extra running shoes and my running buddy....more

Mid Life Mom-2 Week Weight Loss Makeover Diary

  Friday,January 16/2015...more

Getting Started

Dang.  Getting  Started.  Scary words, especially when I have used them so many times before.   Perhaps if I blog this journey, i can stay with it.Or die trying.Or abandon the blog.Or discover a planet where being 60 pounds overweight and a MBI of 34 or so contributes to good health.  ...more