Love the Run You're With

While I was training for my marathon, I read a blog post by Emily about a 5k she did on Valentine’s Day called “Love the Run You’re With”. That phrase just really stuck with me. Honestly, it has changed the way I view most of my workouts, and even (dare I say) my life. Yup, it was that revolutionary. ...Keep reading at

So many racing plans!

As I mentioned before, I've had a bit of races-I-want-to-do-OVERLOAD. I love dreaming about all the different races I can do, but I know I just can't do them all. Why, you ask? Well, for one: Races are expensive. Two: Some of the races are at the same time. Three: I'm looking at a variety of race types (tris, 5ks, marathons, bike rallies, etc), and it's hard to properly train for everything. I decided it would probably be a good idea to narrow down the list to the races I am going to actually plan to do....more

My Whole30 Diary: Day 8 recap.

DAY 8 THOUGHTS:...more

Paddle Boarding Fun!

So today I tried a new activity, paddle boarding. I always thought that it looked hard. Well I would say it looks harder than what it is, unless I just picked up on it quickly. It is a great core work out. After figuring out which way to paddle and where exactly to put my hands on the paddle it went well....more

Healthy Strawberry Spinach Salad

After running 12 miles yesterday I wanted to make a healthy dinner. You know you're suppose to eat your fruits and veggies, so I decided to incorporate both of them in a salad, a strawberry spinach salad. I made a salad just for one, but of course you could double it if you are making it for several people.    ...more

My Whole30 Diary: Day 7 recap.

Remember Day 6, when things didn’t go so well? Well, we’ve moved on from that. The coconut butter is loving its new home in the back of my sock drawer, and things are happy again.DAY 7 THOUGHTS:...more

Why Yogurt is the Best Snack to Pack for Your Fitness Workout

Lest I forget to nourish myself while working out, I’ve often wondered …What is the best snack out there to complement the state of my affairs –post workout? Something light and handy of course… high in protein and low in fat, a snack that will nourish my worked up muscles and won’t leave me feeling slightly overstuffed.And so in the course of my research I found out that Yogurt is the best snack to pack. ...more


So on Friday, August, 2nd, we were able to get the full scoop from Nicky's doctor.  She had an infection that was running rampant due to the large amount of sugar in her blood.  This was on top of the diabetes.  The doc said most likely the infection was causing septecemia, causing her blood sugar to rise and fall, and making her dizzy.  In otherwords, Nicky really was sick...(sometimes it is very difficult to convince her she needs to see a doctor when she is not feeling well!)....more