How to make home cooking part of your lifestyle

If you’ve had a chance to visit my healthy cooking page, you’ll know that I’m an advocate for home cooking.  Making an effort to cook more food at home might sound like a chore, but it really is one of the simplest, most straightforward ways you can eat more healthfully....more

Put Down Your Measuring Cup

 A facebook friend of mine (who is very much in crazy good shape) posted a picture of her meal along with a phrase like, "I sometimes wish this was pizza".The picture was of a precisely measured portion of grilled chicken, an exact serving of quinoa and a measured serving of a steamed vegetable.My immediate reaction was sadness followed closely by rage. My rage wasn't so much against her, more so against the trend I keep seeing towards dieting, restricting and measuring of food....more

Everything You Need to Know to Rock Your First Color Run

In an effort to help you rock your first Color Run, I’ve put together a few tips based on my experience. Hindsight is 20/20 after all, and I’m still finding dye around my house to this day! Hopefully you can keep these little cheats in mind and make the most out of this milestone race! ...more
DSTPRL  It gets everywhereeeee lol, my poor seat bets are rainbow colored to this day. I'm ...more

Run in Support of Muscular Dystrophy

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs I attended the ZOOMA expo, I was chit chatting up a storm with the representative from MDA or Muscular Dystrophy Association.I don’t have any connections with anyone with this disease but my heart fell to the floor....more

Weight Loss Surgery Duodenal Switch

Robin's view Surprising news, My insurance approved my surgery. Bigger surpise its June 23, 14. YUP I have been running around for a week getting all the pre-op tests done, booked hotel for overnight stay and will be leaving for NYC Sunday. Its a complete whirlwind but I'm grateful in a way....more

Gym Update #8

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Let me just start by saying I haven't been to the gym all week. I perfectly intended to go on Monday. That was before I realized I was too tired to actually function after being up in the wee wee hours the night before. So, I said to myself that Tuesday was a great day to go. That was before I fell asleep at the computer a bit. Wednesday, I figured, what the hey, I don't want to go today and Thursday only. Yeah, not too keen on that thought process myself. Nonetheless, I haven't gone....more

Epilepsy & Diet: How we are working to control Seizures

I always admire those willing to delve into diet to help the body and soul. It is not an easy ...more

How Much is One Serving?: Figuring Out Portion Control to Gain Control of Your Waistline

It never fails. When my waistline starts growing in the wrong direction, there are three culprits. I’m getting less physical activity. I’m eating more junk food and snacking often. (I love to graze!) I’m eating mammoth portions of food. ...more
Laurend1985 I can completely relate. I was making my own trail mix with unsalted raw and roasted ...more

Exercise Safety Tips to Avoid Injury

It is perfectly healthy and normal to want to look and feel your best.And while there is an abundance of information available out there designed to help you to lose weight and get fit, there is an important topic of discussion that often gets overlooked.That topic is exercise safety.Now I personally thought I had known a thing or two about exercise given that I had worked out on and off throughout my life. But if I am to be honest, I’ll admit that I had never given any thought to safety.This is because I didn’t know it was necessary....more