Couch 2 5K

I am one of those people whose treadmill has been utilized as a coat rack for the last three years!  Yes - That means for 1,080 days, I found an excuse not to just tie on a pair of sneakers and run (or even WALK!).  But for whatever reason on February 18, 2014, I decided it was time to just do it.  The reason may just have been that I did not have excuse # 1,081 not to. ...more

Just Back Away

I did okay yesterday, until.......more
elaineR.N.  Three pounds is awesome!  I've lost weight too, but I'm not sure how many.  The ...more

April Fitness Challenge

Alright folks, new month new challenge. This month for the April Fitness Challenge we will be focusing on building up repetitions with squats, planks, V-Ups, and Push Ups. With alternating rest days there won't be a single day you aren't working something. ...more

Working on the Work

Doing good.  Doing good.  Ish.  Still not counting my calories.  I know I said I was going to yesterday, but I never did.  It's just so much nicer NOT counting calories.  That was the thing I learned last year....more
elaineR.N.  It's such a nice feeling to put on a shirt and have it fit comfortably.  Already I ...more

A to Z Challenge: On Calories

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my body.Although it's always been a mostly"if you loved me, you'd love all of me"kind of attitude.   Then earlier this year my husband and I went to a conference...more

Battle With The Bathroom Scale

Hiding around the corner of the doorway, I gulp three big breaths before I lunge at the bathroom door knob. That scale won’t know what hit it! Actually, it will. The scale always does. It’s going to tell me exactly how much I hit it with too, regardless of my approach. Every time I think I’ve finally become an expert in guerrilla warfare sneak attack tactics on my bathroom scale, it schools me again. That smug bastard....more

Heavy Weights Are Unisex

One of the funniest, yet most prevalent comments/concerns I hear from women at the gym regarding strength training is: “ I don’t want to lift heavy weights and get bulky.  I just want to get toned.”  These women then proceed to pick up 3 pound dumbbells, do a gazillion repetitions of a bunch of different movements, and proceed to get nowhere near where they want to get in the results department. Now, when I say this is funny, I don’t mean,“ Funny ha ha!”  I mean funny as in “Ridiculous. Misinformed....more

Workout Wednesday: It's Almost Here!

 I realize that over the past few months I have blown up your Instagram, Facebook and my blog with running pictures. I think #run, #runner, #running are my most used hashtags....more