Taking My Body Back: Part 2 – Making Changes

I never considered myself to have an “unhealthy” relationship with food.  I guess because I always equated that to emotional eating (eating when depressed, or stressed), snacking profusely, binging and purging etc.  It wasn’t really until I started Body Back that I noticed that my habits WERE unhealthy, not because I did any of those things…it was quite the opposite.  When I was stressed, I DIDN’T eat and as a matter of fact, I did eat emotionally, I liked to eat and drink when I was happy or celebrating.  Things like bagels, chips, French fries, desserts were my down fa...more

Treadmill Versus Track


The Yoga Cure For Forward Rolling Shoulders

Got forward rolling shoulders? Most of us do!  Its all that driving and computer work, doing too much work in front of us without strengthening the back of us.  The following sequence will help with that.... Start off with 3 Yin (passive) poses to begin to release the primary muscles that cause forward shoulder roll... Supported Fish - to open pec majorSupported Bridge (with your bolster long-wise on your back, so your shoulders don't quite touch the floor) - to open pec minorParsva Upavista Konasana - to open lats ...more

I've Been Selected! Woman's Day Magazine's Live Longer & Stronger Challenge

On June 24, 2013, I officially began the Woman's Day Live Longer & Stronger Challenge. I am blessed to be able to participate to not only get past "The Plateau" but also lower my blood pressure & cholesterol and reach my goal of losing 78 pounds....more

How I lost 30 pounds and kept it off for 7 years

There are a lot of well-meaning fat people out there, like the woman at Subway who stops the line to argue with you over how many pieces of bacon you are entitled to and how you can't refuse free bacon and look at you, you can eat all the bacon you want.   I have indignant friends who are over-weight, who dismiss me as someone who doesn't know anything about being fat and if they looked like me they'd eat everything they wanted....more

Insomniac's Lament

Two nights in a row.  Random thinking waking me, and holding me captive.  The thinking not very profound; just to-do lists, thoughts of people, and thoughts about weight and body image. Do I really need to be awake for this!Yesterday I made it through the day just fine, a bit quiet, slow, and sleepy by late afternoon. I even skipped my workout- I should have gone and done a little......more

September is Cholesterol Awareness Month

September is Cholesterol Awareness Month, so I want to share my story of Inherited High Cholesterol or 'Familial High Cholesterol'.My father passed away from a heart attack when he was in his forties. In those days high cholesterol was not really taken all that seriously. My brother and I unfortunately inherited high cholesterol from our dad, and we were diagnosed in our twenties. ...more

Playing a Round at Old Edwards Club

Holes with jaw-dropping mountain views. A delish chicken salad sammy and a Coke delivered straight to my cart — thanks to a nifty little computer. And customer service that makes me feel as adored as Phil Mickelson at the Masters. Old Edwards Club knows how to do golf....more

DietBet Update #5: Days 12-16

Holy cow, how did I let so many days go by without doing a DietBet update? In case you missed my first few updates about the DietBet, you can read them here:...more