Butter or Not?

Today as I was musing in my kitchen, I wondered whether eliminating butter from one's diet is a good thing.  Its been nearly six months since I stopped eating all dairy products, which of course, would include butter.  But lots of recipes and foods call for the "liquid gold" and I have found it is the flavor of butter that I miss.  That being said, I am not willing to carry around the pounds that can creep on with just a little excess fat in the diet.  So am I really harming my body by adding a bit of butter to my food and recipes?...more

Fitness Friday V.3

Use Vine To Spice Up Your Posts!

Would you like to spice up your blog posts without having to spend ours editing video?  Have you heard of Vine?  Vine is a great new App by Twitter that allows you to video 6 second clips.  I have been playing with it on my fitness & nutrition blog and I love it!  ...more

I still didn't beat Paul Ryan

Good news, guys: I’m faster than Congress.No surprise there, right? But it was a riot to participate in the ACLI Capital Challenge — the annual 3-mile showdown between the three branches of government and the Fourth Estate (That’s me! Go journalists!)....more

Negative effects of high-fat diets on the brain may be slowed by fish oil

A high-fat diet does more than ruin your waistline; it can effect your brain.But there's good news: Scientists say it appears that fish oils can minimize the negative effects of junk food (on your brain).How does it work? Omega-3s delay refined sugar and saturated fats from inhibiting the brain's control over what you eat. As one doctor put it: "[Fish oils] seem to mimic the effects of calorie restrictive diets."Here's the summary of the study:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/260517.php...more

Diagnosis: Diastasis Recti

Did you know that 1 out of 3 women have a separation of their abdominal muscles during and after pregnancy? Did you know that in many cases these muscles do not return to normal? Finally, did you know that traditional crunches and planks can only make this separation worse leading to a "pouch" in a mama's lower abdominals?I didn't either.But, last week, I got a text from a girlfriend with a proposal/request for a post related to Diastasis Recti (a.k.a. the mommy tummy). ...more

Power Bites - My Favorite Healthy Energy Snack

This is not a post about the evils of too much power... It's about food, of course! ...more

"Clean" Eating

I try to "eat healthy" most of the time. Sometimes I do better at this than others! But as I'm getting older, I'm trying hard to step up my game in the healthy eating department, endeavoring to not only eat "healthy", but to eat "clean." But what does that mean, to "eat clean"?...more

Healthy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies - Gluten Free & Vegan!

All Natural, Gluten Free & Vegan!What if you could have a guilt free brownie?  Or cookie dough with all natural ingredients?  ...more

How to Deal with a Bad Fitness Instructor/Class

Have you ever walked into a class, all pumped up for the workout only to have it begin and feel that dread come over you that the next 50 or so minutes are going to be a waste of your time?...more