Mother Daughter Trip to Disney for the Princess Half Marathon

Today in pictures: The Plant Plate and Plant of Attack

Friends, I have missed you! I left for the Niagara VegFest early Saturday morning and it’s been non-stop since then. Over 4,000 attended the fabulous festival! I’ll share more about it in the next day or two but I have meetings all day – in preparation for leaving tomorrow for Austin for BlogHer Food ’13 - so today, I thought I would share two fun things via pictures....more

How I Got Rid of Indigestion

Digesting food might be a big problem for many. Since my childhood, I always found it as a greatest problem in my life. However, as time went by, I planned to solve this problem because I was not able to digest most of my favorite recipes too. So, let’s know some simple tips on food digestion....more

Eat for Exercise: Nutrition is the key to success

It is kind of true “you are what you eat” especially when it comes to pushing yourself with exercise. I have many people that have joined me on the exercise challenges in the past few months, and I made comments about certain workout days being rougher due to poor diet the day before and that always brought on a slew of questions wanting me to clarify further, so I thought I would! Plus, it is crucial to eat correctly when pushing yourself physically, so that your body can work optimally, otherwise you put yourself at risk for overtraining and getting hurt or sick....more

Major disappointment at LA Boxing

Remember all that optimism I had in my last post about the last-minute discovery of a new kickboxing class at LA Boxing in Bethesda? Well, it was premature....more

How a Pregnant Mom Ensured Her Baby’s Health Following These 3 Steps for Dinner

You’re about to see how this one pregnant mom became convinced that she could get all her nutritional requirements from just eating real food, after she used one of my “7 advanced gnosis food combinations.”And then I’ll walk you through exactly how she did it, so that you can potentially come to the same belief.To learn more, keep reading.  ...more

How to get and stay slim without punishing the self with calorie counting and restrictive diets

I am 38 years old and I didn't go on a diet for 8 years now. Unless you can call what I am on at the moment a diet. It is a healthy diet, but by no means requires me to count calories and restrict certain kind of foods, or cut down on sugar or butter. Practically, I eat anything I like including doughnuts. Certainly I eat the healthy stuff as well, plenty of vegetables smothered in butter or gravy and plenty of fruit dipped in whipped cream mostly. And yet, although I used to have a tendency to store quite a lot of body fat, I finally found the perfect diet....more

Getting Fit with MyFitnessPal

As determined as I am to eat healthy and get fit, it only goes so far when I don't keep track of how much I'm really eating, and how much I'm really exercising. I've done the food diary thing multiple times, writing down every little thing I consume, and I've also tried the Lose It! app that I found was extremely irritating and unsuccessful. When my bestie, Brie, told me about the MyFitnessPal app, I wasn't sold, but finally I've decided it's time to give it a try! ...more
I am in love with that app!   it simplifies everything when trying to monitor your workouts and ...more

Is all that intensity good for you?

 It’s no secret that I I teach and practicefairly high intensity exercise but is it just me or does it seem like that is ALL that is being offered these days? Granted, New York is not the center of the world but it is where I live....more

They're Banned in Europe, So Why Are We Still Eating Them?

courtesy of ...more