Give Me A Two, Give Me A Zero, What Have We Got? 20 Miles

I'll admit I was nervous. Why? Well, because 20 miles (to me) is a pretty big deal. I'm still at the point that I'm still convincing myself that I'm a distance runner. So to go out and run/walk/crawl/complete 20 miles is still a pretty big milestone for me.The weather on Saturday was warmer than what it was earlier in the week. It was humid and super foggy. Oh, and it was dark. Yeah, I started around 6am so it was still dark out. I ran the first 12 miles solo before I met a friend who ran the last 8 with me....more

Toys, Toddler, Treadmills Oh My!

  Well, it was bound to happen.... I'm just hoping it's short-lived and not re-occurring as the Marathon is less than 4 weeks away! Less than 4 weeks away.. YIKES!  Yep, Lil Man got a cold which he so generously shared with me....more

Your Complete 5K Playlist: From 0 to 3.1

My friend, Kate, and I are running a 5K tomorrow morning. It will be my third and her first. We've been training together for several weeks and I'm so excited to share this experience with her and watch her achieve this goal she has set for herself! Also, the race benefits a local humane society, which is perfect for dog lovers like us! ...more

How to Start Running: 3 Tips for Avoiding Injury

Part 1 | Adjusting Your Mind-Set and Setting Expectations...more

I Don't Go To The Gym

In 2009, I worked out exactly one time. Terrible, I know. Even worse, the only reason I did it was because my mom dragged me to a yoga class. I didn't work out again until around September of 2010. I started slowly, with exercise videos at home. Still not very consistently, though. It wasn't until January 2011 that I actually started going back to the gym and working out regularly. We get so little of time to ourselves, especially during the week that I just didn't want to spend it at the gym....more
definitely-mommy- I totally agree! It takes a lot of the hassle out of it if you are prepared to ...more

A Letter to High School Athletes

This is a letter to the swimmers who roll out of bed at 5am to hit practice in the dark and cold, this is for the gymnasts who wearily mount their 20th vault of the day, this is for the year round elite soccer players who give up successive weekends for tournaments, this is for the track and cross-country stars that criss-cross our trails and roads repeatedly, this is for any of you athletes that are making a sacrifice above and beyond and are trying to decide if it matters and if it’s worth it. ...more


water, thanks to CVS.They had the big bottles of Evian ( 1 liter) on sale so I have been drinking it up like there is no tomorrow.I used to be a huge water drinker. Then, stress in my life turned my head awayfrom water. As I started to drink it the other day, I forgot how good it made my body feel.The only bad side, if there is one,is that I get to go to the ladies' room a littlemore.I am going to try to keep this old habit going. It worked before. ...more

Busting the most common fish oil myths

If you take a fish oil supplement to help lower your LDL cholesterol, you’re wasting your money. The same may hold true if you think there’s not much difference between the various types of fish oil and omega-3 supplements on store shelves except perhaps the capsule sizes (and the size of the smelly, fishy belches some cause after you take them)....more

Nature Is The Best Gym


50, Fit and Fabulous: Week Four