5 Ways To Stop Cheating On Your Workout Routine

With summer right around the corner, ready to knock on our door, it’s time to ask: How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you been faithful and firm? Or faltering and flimsy? If you haven’t been as faithful to your new fitness routine as you had hoped, take heart. You’re certainly not alone. All too often many of us throw in the towel soon after we start something new. But today I’m here to share some helpful tips to strengthen your resolve. ...more
Great tips!  Especially the one about finding something you love.  If you love what you are ...more

Healthy Living in a Cup...Green Tea

Green TeaMiracle worker in a cup and tasty too! ...more

Donavons Healing,natural medicane,fitness,yoga,and much more!

I do 'all forms'of natural healing,mind'body'soul',yoga,medation,healthy eating,excerising,chakra healing,gem healing,horoscopes,reciepe of the day,and much more....more
I love yoga, last week i started a class so i had to get new pants for ...more

Fitness Guide for Beginners

You want to start exercising and eating healthy, but you don't know where to begin? Between all those crazy diet fads the media is pushing, the bad exercise advice from well-intentioned Aunt, the magic weight loss pills marketing hypes and fitness myths women are facing, it is only understandable you might be feeling just... a little bit ... confused. Let's face it, there is a lot of information out there, so I totally get it why you might be feeling overwhelmed. I went through it too....more

Use Technology to Keep Healthy

It is terrific to use technology to get back to basics and stay healthy. Modern technology has taken a lot of the drudgery out of getting into and staying healthy. When I was a very young teenager, I bought Jane Fonda's step aerobics workout book. I worked my way through the book page after page and used another book to hold the pages while I did the exercises. When I was a child, personal computers were out of the price range of most people and the idea of using the computer to research issues of health was not done....more

We Need To Talk: About Diets

 Whenever I hear the word “diet” I cringe a little. It’s like a fairy made out of cookies and cream dies or something. I dislike it completely. Maybe it has to do with the fact that “diet” implies that there is something you need to fix about yourself...maybe it is the fact that I spent nearly my entire high school career on a diet until the day...I crashed....more

Morning Swim

Last year my goal was to lose weight.  It wasn't just to lose weight.  It was actually to be a healthy person and that meant losing weight.  Thankfully, I did.  It was hard and it was a long process with ups and downs and it wasn't something that just came to a beautiful congratulatory end.I'm still overweight, but not morbidly so.  I'm like a normal overweight, which given the health of our country, isn't something I should really be too content with and I'm not, but it has not been the focus this year....more
@Linda Anselmi :)  The hubby is really enjoying it as well.  We have been a very happy food ...more

Picking my Parenting Battles

There are two things I am not going to have a battle of the wills with my son about right now: night time dryness and vegetables.He has enough trouble falling back to sleep when he wakes in the middle of the night that I do not want him to start worrying about having to stay dry. He will obsess about it and then no one will get any sleep - EVER! He will get frustrated and upset and drive us nutso!...more

Killer Kraft Mac 'n Cheese: How To Fight Back

Meet Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow: You can thank them for the foil pouch of day-glo cheese powder that comes in every box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Every box in the U.S., that is. Kraft reformulated the recipe for the European market replacing the artificial dyes with natural, plant-based ingredients like paprika and beta carotene. ...more
@AlexandreaMerrell It is shameful. No more so than when you look at the Monsanto protection Act, ...more

Childhood Obesity, We're Lovin' It

My childhood must have been a sad one, because I don't remember getting many Happy Meals. Sure, once in a great while my grandfather would give in to my pleas (ah, spoiling the grandkids!) and I would walk out of the golden arches, box clenched triumphantly in my hand. I don't remember the burger or fries tasting that great, but the joy of digging through the box to find the toy is clearly etched in my mind. It was so infrequent, it was like a holiday onto itself....more