September is Cholesterol Awareness Month

September is Cholesterol Awareness Month, so I want to share my story of Inherited High Cholesterol or 'Familial High Cholesterol'.My father passed away from a heart attack when he was in his forties. In those days high cholesterol was not really taken all that seriously. My brother and I unfortunately inherited high cholesterol from our dad, and we were diagnosed in our twenties. ...more

Playing a Round at Old Edwards Club

Holes with jaw-dropping mountain views. A delish chicken salad sammy and a Coke delivered straight to my cart — thanks to a nifty little computer. And customer service that makes me feel as adored as Phil Mickelson at the Masters. Old Edwards Club knows how to do golf....more

DietBet Update #5: Days 12-16

Holy cow, how did I let so many days go by without doing a DietBet update? In case you missed my first few updates about the DietBet, you can read them here:...more

Barf City Population Me

I've opened up on the blog before about being a garbage disposal. I've confessed how much I hate exercise. And it's been kind of a huge relief to type it out into the universe. So, I'm here to do it again. To be honest I've been a little absent from the blog world because I've been in a funk lately. Since middle school I have been kind of an anxious monster. Natalie Dee once did a cartoon that pretty much sums it up:...more

Get Exercise without going to the Gym

Exercises You Can Do At Home and That Don’t Really Feel Like Exercising ...more

Going for It

 Earlier this summer, Hubby surprised me with this little gift....more

Dissecting the Origins of the Pole Dancer Stereotype

Nowadays, stereotyping has completely shaped our personal and collective judgments. The need to compartmentalize and label people, places, thoughts, beliefs and methods has been around for centuries. Oftentimes negative, Pole Dancing has not been exempt from this so-called cliche....more

The Summer Bulge

Why is it that Summer can be a time of putting on Five Extra Pounds?  Well, I can tell you from personal experience, no I am not perfect, I too can put on weight...and this is how - enjoying life to the fullest.  I believe that during the summer months it is a great time to get caught up with friends and family, as we tend to hibernate in the Winter, and getting together with friends and family can mean that extra glass of cold white wine, those delicious sweet potato fries… These are my downfalls. What are yours?...more

The 3 Top Ways To Meet Your Daily Protein Needs

Whether you’re a novice to fitness and nutrition or have been at it for some time, meeting the RDA (or recommended daily allowance) of the basic food groups is no easy task....more

My Whole30 Diary: Day 30 recap.

DAY 30 THOUGHTS:...more
@lauryl Thanks! Good luck to you as you finish up your Whole30! You did it! : )more